Why does mobile Hang and solution for mobile hang

Mobile hang problem and its solution Dear friend if you are using a smartphone you may also have faced mobile hang problem. So today in theses article you will know the reason why does mobile phone hangs and its solution to avoid mobile hang. Buying a good smartphone will cost too much so we buy a budget smartphone so we will face hang problem.

Why does the mobile hang (Reason for hang) 

There are various types of the reason why phone hangs. The reasons are listed below.

  • When mobile Ram is low and you use many apps in your mobile
  •  Th device storage of the mobile is full the mobile will hang
  • When you play high graphics game on your phone you mobile will hang
  • Virus enter in the mobile and mobile will star hanging
  • Yoour phone becomes old and start hanging
  • In your phone there is two or more Google accounts on phone the mobile will hang
  • Mobile battery is damaged the phone will hang
  • Yiuur mobile have too many unwanted apps

Solution for mobile hang problem

Below are some solution to reduce mobile hang problem you can follow the tips to avoid mobile problem.

  • Uninstall unwanted application from phone to reduce Ram
  • Always free some space in device internal storage to avoid hang problem
  • Don’t play high graphics game in low end devices phone
  • Always check virus in phone by using 360 security app
  • You can reset your phone to avoid hang problem
  • Always clear cache of the application to avoid hang
  • Use 1 or 2 Google accounts in your phone
  • Install only useful and necessary application

Hope you have understand why does the mobile hand and solution for it. You have to always follow above tips to avoid mobile hang problem.

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