Where can you buy Stamps? Best Guide to Buy Postage Stamps

Where can you buy Stamps: Remember when there was just one place to buy stamps – the local U.S. postal office in your community? However, stamps can be found just about everywhere, from your local supermarket to the big-box retail stores found along major highways and in huge shopping centers.

You can even find them in places you might not expect – like the ATM of your local bank. With that in mind, here’s a complete guide of where to buy stamps if you can’t make it to the local post office.

Knowing the nearest places to buy stamps in your area is a wise decision. Whether you want to buy single stamps, international or a book of stamps, locating where to buy stamps near you and the people who sell stamps is crucial if you wish to send emails and postcards.

Where can you buy Stamps?

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Walmart is the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the United States, and so it makes sense that this retail behemoth now gives you the option to buy stamps.

At the same as you are cashing your weekly paycheck, paying for your prepaid wireless service, and stocking up on food and provisions for the week ahead, you can also buy books of stamps (20 stamps each).

“Where can I buy stamps?” is now an easy question to answer – head down to your local Walmart. There are more than 4,000 locations in the U.S. – which works out to an average of 80 Walmart stores per state, so there’s a very high likelihood that there’s one open near you.

And, unlike the local post office, which might shut down by mid-afternoon during the week or on weekends, you can rest assured that Walmart is open late any time you need to buy stamps.

Do Pharmacies Sell Stamps?

If there’s a close second to Walmart in terms of ubiquity, it’s the chain drug stores and pharmacies – places like Walgreens, RiteAid, and CVS –

that can be found in just about every shopping center in the nation. If you wonder where you can buy stamps, wonder no longer: at the same as you are picking up your prescription medicine and buying some household products,

you can also add a book of stamps to your order. Just be forewarned: you will be paying a slight premium when you buy a book of Forever stamps from Walgreens, RiteAid or CVS. And you won’t be able to buy single stamps, either, only books of stamps.

Do Banks Sell Stamps?

If you don’t have a Walmart or pharmacy open near you, there’s another convenient solution to the question of where to buy stamps near me, and that’s heading down to your local bank.

In this day and age, you might be used to handling all of your financial transactions online and might not have even stood in line for a bank teller in quite some time.

But you can do far more than just deposit or withdraw money at a bank these days, and one of the favorite things for bank customers to do is buy a booklet of stamps.

One big bank with a national footprint that really stands out for the ease and convenience of buying stamps is Bank of America. But just about any large bank will likely offer the ability to buy stamps as well.

And, as a bonus, some large West Coast banks (including mega-banking giant Wells Fargo) now make it possible to buy stamps via the ATM. So, simultaneously, as you are withdrawing some spending cash for the weekend ahead, you can also place an order for a booklet of stamps!

Do Office supply stores sell stamps?

Maybe you’re a small business owner or startup entrepreneur, and if that’s the case, then the question of where to buy postage stamps is fairly routine – go to the same office supply stores that you use for all of your small business needs.

Office supply chain stores like Staples, Office Depot and Office Max are all great options for the small business owner in need of stamps. Almost all of these stores now have sophisticated printing, PC, and photocopying stations – ask one of the people staffing these centers, and you’ll find out how easy it is to buy stamps.

Do Gas Stations sell stamps?

Here’s the scenario: it’s late at night, all the major stores nearby are already closed, your bank is closed, and the nearby postal office is also closed. Where can I buy stamps near me? One option might be the local 24/7 convenience store.

One favorite of stamp buyers is 7-Eleven, which is open around-the-clock. Stop in for some late-night coffee, grab a donut, and also buy a booklet of stamps. Some of these 7-Eleven stores (and similar types of 24/7 convenience stores, such as Wawa) are now connected to gas stations,

making things even easier. Pump some gas, and then head inside to pay for both the gas and a booklet of stamps.

Big-box retail stores

Some of the most famous big-box retail stores that offer stamps include Target and Costco. In fact, if you head to the front of these stores, you’ll probably notice a whole host of other activities that you can do there,

like adding more money to your prepaid wireless account. Like Walmart, which is perhaps the ultimate example of a big-box retail store, these locations have turned into mini-financial services firms, complete with everything from check cashing to stamp buying.

UPS Store and FedEx Store

A few years ago, it seemed like UPS, FedEx, and the U.S. Postal Service were fierce rivals, and it was impossible to buy official stamps at a UPS or FedEx location. But that’s not the case today.

You can now walk into a UPS Store, mail a package via UPS, and still buy some official U.S. Postal Service stamps. The same is true with the FedEx Store. Where to get stamps just got a whole lot easier, right?

If you’re shipping packages across the country (or around the world), you can also buy stamps simultaneously as you send off your next order.

Does Amazon sell stamps?

Here’s another place that is a newcomer to the world of stamps: Amazon.com. Yes, you no longer have to jump in your car these days and drive to a brick-and-mortar store. You can wake up in your pajamas, fire up your laptop, and order stamps right from the privacy of your own bedroom.

Right now, on the Amazon.com website, the bestselling stamp item is 2 books of Forever stamps (40 stamps in total) for a price of just $24.88.

You might notice something a bit odd here, though, when it comes to pricing on Amazon.com. Since Forever stamps cost 50 cents each, those same 40 stamps at the local post office would only cost $20 (= 40 x $0.50). You can think of the extra $4.88 charged by Amazon as a “courtesy fee” for the ease and simplicity of ordering online.

Presumably, though, you are doing more than just ordering stamps at Amazon.com. Why not add in a book, a DVD, or some digital gadget simultaneously as you are ordering stamps?

How To Buy Stamps at Stamps.com?

The answer to the question of “Where can I get stamps?” is a lot easier to answer, thanks to the Internet. Amazon isn’t the only place online to buy stamps. You can – surprise, surprise – also buy stamps at Stamps.com.

Here, you first need to set up an account, and you will need to print your own stamps. To do that, you will need a computer and a printer, which is why Stamps.com is really the best option if you already run a small home office.

Moreover, you won’t be printing “regular” stamps (i.e., Forever stamps with flags on them) at Stamps.com – instead, you will be printing what Stamps.com refers to as “NetStamps.”

These are stamps that show the amount of postage paid and a QR code to prove that you aren’t using a fake stamp of some kind. But here’s the best part – there’s now also the option to add in a colorful image as part of your stamp design.

Does Publix sell stamps?

Yes, we’re saving the best option for last. The local grocery store can be a fantastic way to solve the problem of where I buy stamps.

Some of the most famous grocery store chains that sell stamps include Kroger, Stop & Shop, Publix, Safeway, and Wegmans. Of course, you won’t be shopping for stamps in the regular food aisles. Instead, head to the front of the store,

where you can also cash checks, exchange coupons, or buy a lottery ticket. One more thing you can do here at grocery stores is to buy stamps.

This is a comprehensive list of where to buy stamps (including two places where to buy stamps online), but you might have noticed a few places missing from this list.

For example, famous “dollar stores” like Dollar General do not yet sell stamps. And many check cashing stores also do not sell stamps. But, as you can see, there are plenty of available options for you to buy stamps.

Of course, if you want the biggest and best selection of stamps, you can always head online to the U.S. Postal Service (www.USPS.com).

There, you can buy stamps of all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. You also can buy stamps by the sheet, by the book, by the block, and by the roll or coil. You can also choose to buy stamps by year of issue or stamps that reflect a certain theme (e.g., love, weddings, nature, people, patriotic).

So don’t worry about buying stamps. Just because your local post office is closed doesn’t mean that you’ll have to wait for the next business day to buy stamps. Just head down to your local bank, grocery store, pharmacy, or big-box retailer, and you’ll be able to buy a booklet of stamps very easily.

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