UW Credit Union Alternatives: Best Credit Union In Wisconsin in 2020

University of Wisconsin Credit Union which know as UW Credit Union is a credit union founded in 1931 and provide all of the financial facilities to their members.

First let see what Credit Union means:

Credit Union

What is  is Credit Union

It is member-owned financial cooperative

Means a financial cooperative works and control under its members who owned it. They work to provide all the financial services.

  1. Providing credit
  2. Promoting thrift
  3. And other financial services

What Services UW Credit Union Serve To Their Members

  • Savings Accounts: members are free to open a free saving account
  • Checking account: Also Know as a current account which comes with more facilities to saving accounts.
  • Consumer loans: UW Credit Union also provide loans service
  • Credit cards allotment: can also get a credit card
  • Mortgages Loans:
  • Investments
  • Online banking facilities

Some of The Quick Facts

  1. Founded in 1931
  2. founded by University of Wisconsin–Madison
  3. originally started with the name University Faculty Credit Union
  4. In 1970 the original name changed to University of Wisconsin Credit Union
  5. They are satisfying the financial need of more than 229,000 members
  6. They have a team of more than 515 employees who work to fulfill the need of their members.
  7. They succeed to make their assets to $2.5 billion
  8. They have More than 100 surcharge-free ATMs all located in Wisconsin

Loans offered by UW Credit Union

  • Home Loans (Mortgages)
  • Vehicle Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Paycheck Advance
  • Home Equity Lines & Loans
  • Private Student Loans
  • Reserve Line of Credit

Visa® Credit Cards

  • Cards offered by
  • Visa® Credit Cards
  • ATM & Debit Cards


Visit Official Website: dccu.us

Dccu Madison (Dane County Credit Union) is a leading Credit Union in Madison WI which provides all of the financial services like credit cards, banking, loans etc like UW Credit Union.

  1. They provide the facilities of much advance online banking
  2. Also have their mobile app which helps easily access backing from your smartphone
  3. They claim to provides loans at low rates
  4. Credit card services
  5. Can easily get competitive savings account at best interest rates and free checking accounts
  6. Dccu is not a profit organization and only works to provide better customer service to their 16,000 members, and they have almost $150 million in assets.


Visit Official Website: heartlandcu.org

Heartlandcu is most experienced credit union providers their services in the Madison. They have too facilities like loans, agricultural loan, credit or debit card facilities and much more.

Are you need an agriculture loan/

If you need any agricultural loan, so  Heartlandcu is the most mature and oldest provider of Agricultural loan at low rates of interest.

AS they have very serious concern toward the Agriculture so they have great plans for the agricultural loans.

Type Of Agricultural Services loans At Heartlandcu

  1. Real Estate
  2. Preserving Rural America
  3. Farm Personal Property
  4. Operating Lines of Credit
  5. Farm Service Agency (FSA) Guaranteed Loans
  6. Checking and Savings Options
  7. Farm Fresh Atlas


Visit Official Website: summitcreditunion.com

Summit credit union has not completely services like Heartlandcu or others. Rather they have some different approach, with financial services they also provide financial guidance, education, tools etc.

Summit credit union have a great service, they claim to have with their members in any situation like job changing, retirement or something else.

Best Quality of Summit credit union

  1. They provide higher interest rates on your savings
  2. They have lower rates of interest on loans
  3. Provide all of the financial services with some additional services like
  4. financial guidance
  5. Education
  6. Tools
  7. one-on-one coaching


Visit Official Website: madisoncu.com

Madisoncu is also a great alternative to University of Wisconsin Credit Union, who provide all the financial services like them. They know for their best customer support.


  • Providing all type of saving account facilities
  • Checking Accounts or current account services
  • Also customers can enjoy free investment accounts
  • As well as other services like credit or debit card. Visa gift card, ATM etc


Visit Official Website: weacu.com

founded In: 1931

full name: Wisconsin Education Association Credit Union

type of service: financial service


Visit Official Website: pocu.com


Visit Official Website: heritagecu.org

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