Latest 2021: Top 5 Images Compression Tools Without Losing Quality

It is obvious, that everyone wants to reduce image size to make their website faster. Website speed depends very much on your image size. Images Compression Tools
Images with large file size can increase the response and loading time of your website. So, it becomes essential to keep your website faster to hold your traffic. Image compression is one of the effective way to keep your website faster.

Why Compress Images? How it Improves Performance and SEO?

Every website these days use high-resolution images to improve the user experience. However, those images could affect your website page load speed as well if you don’t compress them.
Compressed images will load your website faster, improve your on-page SEO, and more importantly compressed images improve user experience.
I have done a page speed test by loading unoptimized images first, then compressed those images and tested the page speed again. Here are the results:

  • To reduce your website loading time.
  • For e-mail purposes, because its easy to upload images with smaller file size.
  • To save system space.
  • For social media purposes.

Well, here I’ll mention some websites and softwares that allow you to compress and optimize your image file without losing its quality. In this post, I’ll mention both Web and Software platform based tools. So, you can try these 5 Best image compression tools –

1. PNGGauntlet (Windows, Mac, linux)

PNGGauntlet is a free program which is a combination of 3 open source programs (PNGOUT, OptiPNG, and DeflOpt), which makes it more better. It converts and compresses JPG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP files to PNG. It converts images without losing quality and works on Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.
I tested some sample image files, and got quite good compression results on some of the test files. However, it takes a bit more time to convert even small image files, though it doesn’t matter that much. So, overall it is an excellent tool to optimize images without losing quality.

compress Images without Losing Quality

2. GIMP (Free)

Gimp is a free and open source software available to download on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Here’s how you can use this free software to compress images without losing quality.
Open any image in Gimp from your computer.
click on File > Export as option.
Now click on Export, it will open a new window.
compress Images without Losing Quality

3: (Online Tool)

Jpeg is a popular and most used image format and supported by almost every digital camera and other multimedia devices. Do not confuse about the name of compressjpeg that its only can compress jpeg format.
You can compress JPEG, JPG, PNG and well as pdf file format without using multiple documents and photo kb converter.
The simple way to compress 20 images or 20 pdf file in single time without losing image quality. Upload or drop the images and automatically compress start with best compression level.
compress Images without Losing Quality

4. (Online Tool) is also a web based compression tool provided by Yahoo!. It is a lossless compression tool. Most of the web based tools are limited as they’ve daily quotas or premium account memberships for unlimited conversion.
But, Yahoo’s has no such restrictions. It is a good option for you, if you want to use or upload your images online.
I tested sample .jpg, .gif and .png images and got excellent results for .png image as compared to .jpg and .gif format.
It compressed my PNG image from 22.47 KB to 2.88 KB and saved around 87% of original size. It saved 22.68% of my JPG & 10.01% of GIF image. However, It is best known for GIF compression.

5: (Online Tool)

Iloveimg is an all in one online image utility to compress, resize, and converter tools. Looking to compress your JPG, PNG or GIF photos in single or bulk size than you can try this tools.
Upload, or drag your saved photos and compress without disturbing any pixel in a quick way. It also supports Google drive and dropbox to directly upload the image from your cloud storage and compress it faster.
compress Images without Losing Quality

In summary…

Well, There are many other tools available for both windows and web based platforms. Some of them are FILEminimizer, PUNYpng, TinyPNG, RIOT and for Mac ImageOptim is also good. But these five were best according to my compression results. So, I’m separately listing my suggestions according to File formats –

  1. For JPG – Caesium,  PNGGauntlet or (Online)
  2. For GIF – PNGGauntlet,
  3. For PNG – All worked for me!  except Caesium.

Overall – wins the competition. If you don’t want to use any offline or windows based tool, then web based is the best option for you.
I personally use or for web purpose. Otherwise, you can try all of them according to your use.
Share your opinions if I missed something. Let me know about your thoughts and comment on this.

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