Skype Voice Changer Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

Skype Voice Changer: Voice changer for Skype, Hey, Hello people! All well? I am back again with an interesting topic called real-time voice changer. Most of the users are addicted to messaging apps like What’s App, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger and they have access to voice and video’s hard to say whether they’ll find any reason to try another tool for the job or not.

In this guide, I’ll help you, how to download, use Skype and all of the great features it has to offer, so you’ll be chatting and calling in no time. Recently a smart new feature added in skype called Skype Voice Changer to make more fun with your friends and family.

Skype is one of the best VoIP service, launched by Microsoft that allows users to make and receive free voice and video calls online(free). Even skype provides premier text and voice chat application, it helps users from the mobile calling and land-line calling. The user can easily call With just a few clicks, you can call someone on the other side of the world through video calling.

Skype Uses:

Let me tell you first what is skype and skype voice changer. Skype is the app and service that has made the world know about voice and video calling around. Recently people today attach the idea of calling for free on the Internet through Skype. It has broken many barriers to communication. While in the past you needed to take particular care of the minutes and seconds you spend speaking on international calls, now no longer need to bother about that. If you’re using Skype to make PC to PC, Mobile to Mobile communication, you pay nothing more than the monthly Internet services, which you would anyway have paid without Skype.

Now it has reached more than half a billion registered users and changing how people communicate with the integration of voice and IM (Instant Messaging) into one application. Later on, Skype added video calling and conferencing on its app such that you could talk to people face to face online for free.

Features of Skype Voice Changer

  • Skype Voice Changer Free & Safe Download!
  • Skype Voice Changer Latest Version!
  • Works with All Windows versions
  • Users choice!


Skype Voice Changer (Windows):

Skype Voice Changer is an excellent program by AthTek Skype Recorders for Skype users. Although, Skype call recording features has been included in Skype Voice Changer. Users if you have ever played “Talking Tom” on iPhone or Android smartphone, you would probably know how Skype Voice Changer works. Yes, this application will change your voice pitch to be a female voice or male voice in Skype call, and you can make funs of your friends with a funny accent to enjoy your time.

Skype Voice Changer includes three main parts like voice changer, sound emotion sender and skype call recorder. Voice changer includes 5 voice status like Dinosaur, male, your normal voice, female and cat to make fun.

5 Free Voice Changer Tools For Skype:

  • Skype Voice Changer (Windows)
  • Voice Candy (Mac)
  • Voxal Voice Changer
  • AthTek Voice Changer
  • Clownfish for Skype

Voice Candy (Mac)

Voice candy is only for MAC users. Voice candy only supports for 8 voice variations. That’s why so many are preferred for voice candy. Voice Candy labels their product as “Photo Booth of voice software”. It is fun to make your voice changes with Photo Booth. But it has only 8 types of voice variation. Only major minus point is drawback issues while you using.

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