Showbox Alternatives: Best free Movies Streaming Site Like Showbox For Android

Means movies streaming belong to those sites who have movies or tv shows or any other videos/music which they offer to their users to watch directly online without downloading to their device.

Showbox is the most popular movies and tv shows streaming app for the Android which let you to the ocean of movies and all of the popular tv shows in full HD quality.

Some quick overview of Showbox

  • Showbox is streaming app
  • It streams movies and tv shows
  • It is built for Android
  • It is a free app and do not cost a penny
  • It is also can be installed in pc
  • Some much important facts about Showbox

Showbox is highly searched streaming app but not available on Google play store, due to some privacy issues conflicts with Play store.

So many people’s doubts Showbox contain malware and not safe to install on their phones. But it is wrong, Showbox is totally safe and does not contain any type of virus which is going to harm your smartphone.

There are millions of Showbox users, who are using it for a long time without any these type of issues.

So you can trust the app and can install to your phone.

How To Download Showbox To Android Smartphone

Note: Showbox is not listed at Google App Store,  you have to download it from their official website.

Step first

Go to their site

Second Step

Download Showbox APK file to your smartphone

Third Step

Once download it, open the download file and install it

Fourth Step

While installing it will ask you for the permission, (give the permission)

You are done,

You successfully installed the Showbox App, now enjoy free movies and tv shows without spending a penny.

Features Of Showbox

  • A great quality of video
  • Can online stream without download
  • Can also download for offline view
  • Easy to install and use
  • Always update so always can encounter something new to enjoy

Terrarium TV

Official Website:

Terrarium TV App is completely similar to Showbox,

Means it is too a movies and tv shows streaming Android apps like Showbox, which let their users stream or download English film or television shows for free.

Even Terrarium Tv is known as the duplicate of Showbox, they both have exact same features and goal.

Terrarium TV app is for free, so you just have to download the app to enjoy its quality movies and television series.


Official Website:

Nowadays in 2017 Netflix is the most popular streaming service which was started in 1997 in United state as a service provider who provides DVD for rental and sale.

Initial days of their startup they did not provide any type of streaming services. But then in the later year, they decide to start providing streaming service.

And today  they are king of streaming makket

Features Of Netflix

No more waiting

What happens when the tv shows end with a cliffhanger. And now you have to wait for a day or a week to find what will happen next.

But with Netflix there are no boundaries, you have to not wait for a day or a week to clear your doubt.

An Advertising free streaming service

No one wants to be disturbed in between their movies or shows by the unwanted advertisement and commercials. So with Netflix, you can enjoy your movie or TV series without any ads.

Some Of The More Netflix features

  • A great collection of movies and tv shows
  • It’s offline view features allow you to watch your movies without the internet
  • Watch anywhere and anytime (no boundaries)
  • Cheap membership cost


Official Website:

  • Type of service: Streaming service
  • Founded on: 2007
  • owned by: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Every person loves to watch movies and tv shows, yes it is possible that different peoples love different genre based movies but one thing is that everyone loves to watch movies and tv series.

Crackle is one from streaming service which provides huge no movies and tv shows to stream to their users for free without charging any cost in exchange.

Crackle is the rebranded version of 2000 startup Grouper, which rebranded in 2007 by the Sony Pictures Entertainment as a new name “Crackle”

The story is simple

In 2000 a streaming service Grouper started

In 2006 Sony Pictures Entertainment purchased it for $65 million

Then what happened Sony launched Grouper in 2007 with a new name “Crackle”

Features Of Crackle

  • Can stream movies and tv shows
  • A huge collection
  • Better quality
  • Totally free (but shows advertisement)
  • Also, support smart tv, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox etc


Official Website:

CinemaBox also works same as other streaming services, it allows you to stream movies and television episodes.

I think you will be heard about this app which name is “PlayBox HD” which is too a streaming service. Both the app are developed by the same developer.

CinemaBox is for the android users but if you want to enjoy CinemaBox on windows pc. So it is possible with so with any android emulator like “bluestack”

Features Of CinemaBox

  • Easy to use
  • Fast downloading speed
  • great  user interface
  • Regularly update
  • Always can find some refreshed content


Official Website:

  • Founded By: Kai Henniges, Jörg Boksberger
  • Founded On: 2007
  • Type of service: Streaming
  • language: Multilingual

Viewster is really an easy to use a streaming website or service to find movies trailer, tv episodes, and genre based movies in easy steps without any membership cost or even you have not to make any account or sign up to start using Viewster features.

Available For

  1. Android
  2. IOs
  3. Desktop

Also available for these

  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox 360
  • smart TVs.

Viewster is available for android, ios as well as can also enjoy it on your computer. Even can enjoy it on your tv with services like Chromecast, apple tv etc.

Viewster is available in four different languages English, Spanish, German, French and provide their service worldwide.


Official Website:

  • Type Of Service: Video Hosting And Streaming
  • Founded On: February 14, 2005
  • Founded By: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim
  • Owned By Google

Youtube is a video hosting site as well as also comes in the streaming service. They have movies, sort videos, funny video, music videos which can be access for free.

YouTube was the idea of three former PayPal employees name Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim who get an idea to start a site where anyone can upload their videos which can directly watch publicly by the other YouTube users.

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