[March 2021] RARBG Proxy/Mirror Sites *Official 100% Working*

Are you not able to access RARBG? Don’t worry, here I will share the solution to this problem. Rarbg proxy is one of the most popular torrent websites on the Internet.

Users can download lots of stuff here like movies tv shows, software, videos, etc. the best part of this site it provides most of the videos in HD quality, and that’s the reason this site is the most favorite and popular torrent site on the Internet.

The History of Rarbg

Rarbg was founded in 2008; this site is blocked in many countries including India, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Portugal, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Finland.
Rarbg was the most-visited torrent sites in 2014, and at this time this site has many domains. Rarbg.to is the official and primary domain of Rarbg.

Now the question is that why Rarbg is blocked in many countries? The answer is simple Rarbg a website that provides you copyrighted and paid content without the copyright holder permissions, and it is not legal.
Although Rarbg doesn’t host any file on its server, it only provides you the links where the content is organized; there are many copyright rules and regulations.

According to Wikipedia, Rarbg servers were hosted in Bulgaria in 2008 but later moved to other countries may be due to legal issues.

Can the Government or ISP Block a website entirely in a country?

As you know, Rarbg is blocked in many countries because of the legal issue, how a website can be blocked in a country? Let’s understand, your government or court release notice and send it to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) then your ISP block the particular website’s IP address in their servers.

As a result, when you try to visit the blocked website from their server, you get this message in your browser “This site can’t be reached.” Because they have blocked the website and you could not create a connection with the blocked website’s server via the ISP servers.

Now let’s know about the VPN (Virtual Private Network) it is a private network across a public network, and receive data across shared or public networks.

Using a VPN, you can access a blocked website in your country; You have to select that location where your desired site is not blocked. For example, rarbg.to is blocked in Australia; in this case, I will choose the United States server in the VPN, because, rarbg.to is active in the US.

What if a website is blocked in all countries? In this case, you can not access the site because a site must be unblocked at least in one country.

So you access most of the blocked sites in your country, you have to use a VPN or good proxy. There are some top free VPNs available on the Internet.

10 Rarbg Proxy & Mirror Sites in 2020

There are many sites live on the Internet with the name of Rarbg, most of the places are mirror site of Rarbg, what is the mean of mirror site? Let’s understand it in simple language; mirror sites are the replacement of a website and look the same in terms of design and database. In short, a mirror website is a copy of a website.

Rarbg has some mirror sites with different names; you get all the links of Rarbg mirror site or proxies in this list. But why a group or network create the mirror sites? Because the mirror site is not indexed by the search engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Here are a few reasons that a group or network create mirror sites.

  • If their primary domain is blocked in some countries by the government or ISP, for example, Rarbg has been blocked in many countries, so they have created many proxy and mirror sites.
  • If a group or network wants to target a particular county, like there are many languages, but they only want to focus french language.
  • To provide more speed and better user experience, for example, if you are from the US and the server of a website is in India then you will get less speed as compared to US located server.

These are some benefits of mirroring a website, but there are many disadvantages too, like Plagiarism, deindex from the search engines, the user might be confusing to identify the official name of a site, less trustworthy, etc.

Above all proxies are tested and working, if any proxy is not working then please comment, I will update it instantly. If you know about other Rarbg proxies then share it in the comments.
Notice:- Watching or downloading video on torrent sites may or may not be illegal, this blog post is only for informational purposes, we do not advise you for piracy.

3 Best Ways to Unblock Rarbg Proxy Site

1) VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that lets you access the Internet anonymously, using a good VPN your ISP and Website which you visit cant’ track your activity.

There are many free VPN is available on the Internet, but free VPNs doesn’t provide unlimited data and good server location.

Here is the list of best free VPNs, to unlock Rarbg or its proxy you have to choose that location where a site isn’t blocked, after that you can enjoy your favorite stuff on these sites.

2) Tor Browser

Tor is a browser or software for enabling anonymous communication. Using Tor, it is difficult to track your location and activity.

In this case, Tor works like a VPN, where your original IP address will not be visible to your ISP. Tor Browser is the best browser in terms of the user’s privacy; it is the first choice of many users.

You have to download it from the official website, although below I am providing you the direct download link of Tor. After downloading install it like other browsers which you have installed ever.

3) Web Proxy

It is the simplest way to hide your IP address from the website you visit; your real location will not be shown. A web proxy works as a middleman, for example when requesting to Waptechs.com site through a web proxy, means you are asking the web proxy to show the result in your browser.

There are many free and paid web proxies available on the Internet, I have tried Kproxy which is an excellent free proxy, it also has a paid plan in which you get a better user experience and zero downtime.

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In this blog post, you got the best Rarbg Proxy and alternatives; No one knows how many sites are available on the Internet like Rarbg because many torrents site is created every day. At last, I want to tell you that you should pay to the copyright owner for a product or service because they also want to earn, our purpose is to provide the right information to the visitors.

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