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PUBG Tips And Tricks: Battleground Mobile India also known as PUBG, is one of the most trending games. It is the most addictive game available for iOS, Windows, Android, and Xbox. PUBG offers excellent graphics, and with continuous updates, it never fails to satisfy its users. 

You also might be one of the addictive players of this game like us and aware of its gameplay. We feel every player who used to play PUBG has won at least one and tasted “Chicken Dinner.” But in case you want to make this victory habitual, you need to know some PUBG tips and tricks.

These PUBG tips and tricks will give you an upper hand over other players. So, without wasting much time, let’s go to our top, i.e., “PUBG Tips And Tricks – Survival | Landing | Guns.”

Before starting, we would like to ask you some questions. Are you following any technique before landing? What is your plan to survive more?

Do you know what different types of guns available are? Are you using your game settings efficiently? If all your answers are No or you have doubts about these, this article is entirely for you.

PUBG Tips And Tricks – Unique and Verified

How To Land Faster Than Other Players In PUBG

Whenever you are landing at any desired location, you might have noticed that other players are already landed beforehand. So, if you follow some techniques, you can land faster than any other player.

What you have to do is first of all select and mark location where you want to land. Once you marked your location, keep checking the distance from your current location.

When you find the minimum distance, jump from the airplane and try to drop perpendicularly. You can get maximum speed only when you drop yourself with nose downfall.

There is one more technique for landing faster than other players. Once you marked the desired location, keep on noticing, and when the distance becomes 750 meters, jump from the airplane.

Now you have to fall at a 10 o’clock angle to push the joystick in the North West direction. This way also you can land before other players.

You have to practice any of these tricks because it will take 4-5 attempts to perfect any of the tips and tricks.

Tips and Tricks to Survive More in PUBG

If you want to play for more time, try avoiding rush areas. Most people love to land on the best loot areas like Pochinki, Military Base, Bootcamp, and Paradise Resort.

We accept that you will get excellent and high-quality loot in these areas, but the risk factor is too high. But these loots are of no use if you will get killed. So we think it’s an excellent option to land as far as you can. Once you have the best weapons for survival, you can charge towards the playing zone.

Specialist Advice: We advise you to play along the edges of the play zone if you are not good at snipping.

One more thing to keep in mind is to play for Chicken Dinner, not for kill count. We have seen cases where people start indulging in fights with collecting weapons and get killed by opponents.

So it is better to collect, satisfy yourself first with your loot and start killing others. This way, you can survive more, and the chances of winning the battle are also high.

Tips To Select Attachments & Throwables In PUBG

You have to be very careful while picking attachments because each one has its use. I prefer suppressor and vertical foregrip the most. These two attachments directly enhance the weapon’s performance. The suppressor will not give your exact location, and the vertical foregrip will reduce the recoil.

It is very annoying if I missed my shot, so I have to be 100 percent sure before targeting my enemy. As I already said, first complete your loot and then start indulging in fights. Other than these two, try finding a quickdraw magazine because it helps in reloading your gun faster.

When it comes to Throwables, I used to get two or three Frag and Smoke Grenade plus one Molotov cocktail. Frag Grenade is very useful when you see someone inside the house, and you have to take them out.

Throw the frag grenade to that house, and enemies have to come out; otherwise, they will only get hurt by the frag grenade. A smoke grenade is useful when you want to hide your location to go to some other location.

You can create smoke with this, and quickly to another site, no one can see you in smoke. Molotov cocktail is my favorite because it covers a bit large area. You can use it to take down the opponent if they are hiding somewhere.

These are some subject-oriented PUBG tips and tricks. We know these tips will help you survive more and having more chicken dinners. Below are some random tips related to PUBG, which we feel are also as important as the above tricks.

Random PUBG Tips and Tricks – Gameplay and Settings

  • Break Doors – You may be aware or not, but you can break the doors of any house. You can use guns, a frag grenade, and a Molotov cocktail to break doors. Breaking doors is a good idea when you know someone is hiding there, so you can break it from a distance despite opening it.
  • Drink Energy and Pain Killers – You should have painkillers and energy drinks in short intervals. This will increase your power and keep you charged. If you are high on energy, you will get minor damage also if you are outside the play zone. One more advantage of energies and pain killers is you can heal to 100 percent after bandages and health kits.
  •  Airdrop Supply in Water – There are some chances when airdrop supply lands inside the water surface. Whenever you collect such supplies, make sure the most preferred gun should be in second place. Inside the water or while swimming, you are not allowed to select guns, and when you pick from an airdrop supply, it will automatically get exchanged with the first gun.
  • Mark Airdrop Supplies – This is one of the unique things, and most of the users are not aware of this. When you saw any airdrop supply coming, point your gun towards that and check distance. Once you got the distance mark in your map at the same distance and same direction. Now go straight away in that direction; you will find the airdrop supply at that particular distance.
  • Peak and Check – This Peak function you have to enable through settings. We feel this is very useful because it will not expose you to the enemy. You can peak a bit and check whether the route is clear or not. Hitting is also possible with this peak to enable.
  • Eye – Most of the players are aware of this eye but hardly used by anyone. You can use this eye to check how many players are landing in the same place along with you. Also, you can see 180 degrees without moving and without disclosing your location with footsteps.
  • Know PUBG Settings – There are a number of settings available for each, and everything goes through them once.

These are some PUBG Tips and Tricks which anyone can use for winning the battleground. We know everyone’s gameplay is different, and if you would like to discuss your plan with us, you are more than welcome. Please share your valuable points with us can make new friends for your squad.

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