How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money: All About BHIM UPI App

If you are not doing an online transaction in your daily life, you are not in the modern era, Don’t worry. After reading this article, I can bet you will receive or send money online via UPI. Here I will share about UPI, like UPI, How to use BHIM App, and send or receive payment via BHIM UPI. BHIM has a lot of features that I will explain below.

What is BHIM UPI

BHIM is a mobile application whose full name is Bharat Interface for Money is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). BHIM is based on Unified Payment Interface (UPI). It was launched by India’s Prime minister Narendra Modi while demonetization (2016). Using BHIM UPI, you can directly transfer money from one person to another in the Bank Account. It supports all Indian Banks, and it is totally free. You don’t need to pay transaction charges or any other charges.

You can send to anyone  Rs – 40,000 in a day. If you want to send more, you have to wait for the next calendar date; there is no limit number of transactions. There is no limit to the minimum transaction amount. You can pay or send Rs 1. Bhim app is available in 13 languages.

What are the requirements to use BHIM UPI?

  1. You must have a Bank Account.
  2. Your mobile number should be linked to your Bank Account.
  3. An active Debit Card of your bank.
  4. Your Sim Card should be on the same device on which you are going to use BHIM App.
  5. Active Internet connection.

How to Use BHIM App

To use BHIM UPI, you have to download the BHIM app from Play Store or App Store, and this application is not available on Microsoft Store. After that, select your Passcode, which is necessary to open BHIM App. Next, you have to select your mobile number, which is linked to your Bank Account. Then, you have to choose your Bank.

Step by Step Guide to Create BHIM UPI ID

1- After downloading the app, You will see this type of interface to select that mobile number linked to your Bank Account.

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

2- Now, Bhim Will Verify your mobile number. For this, you will get a Message from BHIM. After that, you have to select your Bank Account and then click on “Next.”

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

3- After selecting the Bank, You have to create a UPI PIN. For this, you Have to enter your Last 6 Digits number of your Debit Card, and in the next row, you have to enter your Card Valid Date (Month and Year). If you have Master Card, you don’t need to enter the validity Date: All information is available on your Debit Card.

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

4- Next, Your Bank will send you an OTP code, which you have to enter Here. In most cases, BHIM automatically detects your code. If not, then enter. In the next row, you have to set your 6  or 4 digit UPI PIN. Always Remember Never to share your UPI PIN with anyone.

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

Now your BHIM UPI is ready to Use, Let’s explore the Features of BHIM UPI. More About BHIM

What Can You Do With BHIM UPI

  1. You can check your Bank Account Balance free of cost.
  2. You can send or receive Money Via Account number with IFSC code OR Via UPI Address OR Via Aadhaar Number.
  3. You can request money from your friends or relative, but they should also be using BHIM.
  4. You can book Flight Tickets, Train Tickets, or Mobile Recharge.
  5. You can pay bills on merchant websites and also e-commerce.
  6. You can scan a QR to make instant payments.
  7. You can use it without Internet by Dialing *99# on your mobile Phone.
  8. You can manage one more account with BHIM UPI.
  9. You can set a Payment Reminder.
  10. You also get CashBack.

How Much is BHIM Secure?

According to the Indian Government, BHIM is 100% Safe. There is no chance to be hacked Because it uses three-factor authentication. First is You have to enter your Passcode whenever you open it. Apps log out automatically while inactivity or you are using another App.

Bhim App works only on a single Phone. If you want to use it on another phone, you have to log out from the currently running phone Because of its Links to your Mobile’s IMEI number.

You Need to Enter your UPI PIN on every transaction through UPI, which is only you know.

How to Transfer Money With BHIM UPI

You have 3 Options to Sent money. First is an Account Number with IFSC code Second is VPA, and the Third is Using Aadhaar Card Number. Virtual Private Address (VPA) is the best way to send money. In this method, you don’t need the receiver’s account number and IFSC code. You only need his/her VPA or UPI address.

How to know VPA or UPI ID? It’s straightforward. Generally, it is your mobile number, but in this way, [email protected], you also can know it in your Profile section. BHIM App can detect VPA automatically. This method only works when the receiver is also using BHIM UPI.

But what If the receiver is not using BHIM UPI? Don’t worry. You have another method, but after VPA, I recommend  Account Number+IFSC Code. This is also a good method and works for everyone. Let’s start a step by step Guide to Send Money With BHIM UPI.

Here I have sent Money by Help of  Account Number+ IFSC Code.

1- First of you have to open your BHIM UPI App by entering your Passcode. After that, you have to click on the Send button.

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

2- Here, you have to select the receiver’s Bank Account

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

3- In this step, you have to enter the money receiver’s Bank Account Number, IFSC Code, and Name. after that, click on “Send.” If You don’t know IFSC Code the go Here -Find IFSC Code.

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

4- Now you have to enter the amount which you want to send. If you want, you can save this beneficiary by clicking the save to the future button; after that, you will send money by entering UPI PIN next time you need not enter all the information.

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

After that, if your transaction is successful, then you will get this type of receipt.

How to Use BHIM App to Transfer Money

I hope you learned how to Use BHIM App, and now you can send money via BHIM App. If you have any questions related to BHIM, then feel free to ask via the comment box. BHIM UPI is the best option to send money online.

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