Mobile Legends Game [Tips and Tricks] Advice for Beginners Starting Mobile Legends

Win Games

It’s a simple formula. If you win a lot of matches, you get a lot of battle points. Avoid playing classic matches if you want more coins. There’s too much of a chance to get lumped in with beginners or other guys experimenting with a new hero. Instead, play ranked games. You have the chance to rank up fast and you almost always weed out potentially amateur team mates from lower ranks. Every week you can earn up to 7,500 battle points from winning matches.

EDIT: Another poster pointed out to me that you can win money from AI battles too, and he’s right. I just don’t know if the Double BP card works on AI battles, but it definitely is a faster, more guaranteed way than Brawls to get larger amounts of battle points.

Free Chests and Medal Chest

Get your daily pair of free chests and claim the extra free chest that comes out every four hours. Free chests can contain small amounts of battle points. The medal chest also opens when you get enough wins, but the limit to that is once every 24 hours. TIP: A partially earned Medal chest carries over into the next day and once you complete it, you will immediately get access for a new medal chest that day. Really, it’s not hard to poke the free chests. You have no excuse not to.


Go to Prep and pick Tutorials. There are three that you can take, for up to 5k battle points. This is a one-time boost. Once you’ve finished each tutorial you won’t get any more bonuses for retaking them.

Daily Login Gifts

The daily gift is easy to claim because it’s one of the first popups you see when entering the game. Two of the daily gifts are the Surprising Battle Points Bundle and the Mystery Pack. The SBPB can give you 300, 500 or 1000 BPs. The Mystery pack might give you 500 BP.

Daily Quests

There is now a Daily Quests screen accessible from the home screen, just under Free Chest. Complete as many of the daily activities as you can to earn activity points. You can get rewards of 30, 40, 60 and 100 battle points for meeting milestones in the Daily Activity Score. You also have a weekly activity score that gives rewards for reaching 400 activity points and 800 activity points in a week. Don’t spend battle points to upgrade emblems unless you were really planning to.This defeats the purpose of getting more battle points.

Emblem Prioritization

Speaking of emblems, you should really only focus on upgrading a maximum of three of them. Avoid spending money to upgrade emblems that you don’t need yet. For example, I usually rely on Custom Assassin, Tank and Magic Emblems. If I were saving battle points, I would avoid upgrading Marksman or Jungle or Support since I wouldn’t be using those very much at all.

Limited Time Tasks

This used to be under the Events screen. It’s now found under the Daily Quests screen. You have a set of three tasks that refreshes every three days. Examples are: kill turtle 5 times, deal 300,000 damage with a marksman, win two games with a friend, etc. The rewards are emblem boxes, tickets and sometimes battle points. If you can complete all three, you can open the chest on the top right corner, which also might give battle points.


Go to achievements and collect the bonuses for completing certain goals. Try to finish as many goals as you can but don’t buy extra heroes just to finish them. That’s a waste of battle points. There are many possible achievement trophies so that’s a lot of BP, but each trophy gets progressively harder to get.


Check your mail messages and choose the option “Claim All”. This will automatically get you all of the BP that you may have gotten from events, apologies, good credit prizes, etc. You will also get cards and gifts that will go to your bag.


Check your bag for gifts and open all of them. Some will contain battle points. Some will contain hero trial cards. If you try to use a hero/skin trial card for a hero or skin you already own, you will receive 30 BP instead. Check your bag frequently for missed or unopened gifts. One of these is the Double BP Card.

Double BP Card

Use double BP cards whenever you get them. As the name implies, you’ll double the amount of battle points you receive from any battle. The card also increases by 1,500 BP your maximum BP reward from winning battles. Yes, there is a weekly limit to how much BP you can earn from fighting.

Lucky Spin

Play Lucky Spin from the shop. You have a chance to get 300 BP. Try this only whenever the free spin refreshes. Don’t waste tickets on it. You have better uses for your tickets.

Credit Score

Be a good sport. Play nice. Don’t abandon games. These are good ways to maintain a high credit score. Once a week, you get 500 BP just for having a good credit score. Check your mail messages for the reward.

Events Hall

Participate in the special events, such as holiday events. You’ll get the chance to win Battle Points in some of them.


  • 7,500 from winning matches
  • 1,500 extra from match wins if you used a Double BP card
  • 500 from good credit score
  • 300 to 1500 from daily login gifts
  • 200 to 2000 from other sources (this is an approximate amount only)
  • TOTAL WEEKLY HAUL = 10,000 to 13,000 Battle Points

The best characters to use are usually the ones that are most difficult to master because they are the heroes that are the hardest to stop. These heroes will allow you to rank up more quickly than others if you can master them quickly. Their presence can force players to change strategy just to deal with them. Here are your MVP heroes by role:

ASSASSIN: Fanny, Gusion, Lancelot, Hanzo

Fanny is the number one assassin in the game, no contest. Her mobility is completely nuts in a game where mobility is king. She can fly to any part of the map inside of five seconds, making her a lethal hunter, supporter and escape artist. She deals monstrous damage to solo heroes or crowds with practically no cooldown. She resists crowd control while in mid-flight. Fanny has been nerfed several times but she’s still overpowered to many. She is also hellishly difficult to control in the beginning. Good luck.

Gusion and Lancelot are what you might call “blink” heroes. They are assassins with lethal mobility, allowing you to hound victims or escape certain death. Basically, you’re a teleporting/charging freak with massive burst potential and potentially quick cooldowns. You have decent sustain and you never run out of tricks. People hate your guts and will ban you from draft games every time they remember you exist. You have a perfect niche in the early game but you’re still deadly in the late game too.

NEW: Hanzo clears jungles faster than anyone in the game and he’s also excellent in clearing lanes, thanks to his first and second skills. This means he gets fed faster than most other heroes. What really makes him nasty is his ultimate, which effectively allows him to blitz enemies while remaining untouched. This makes him effectively immortal. AND it has an oh-so-short 20-second cooldown. Difficult to master for the simple reason that you need a safe location to activate your ultimate, and a lot of people can be stupid about this.

MARKSMAN: Lesley, Moskov, Claude

Lesley is the best marksman in the game by virtue of her unparalleled range, her evasiveness, and her critical-burst potential. Her non-ult skills are both evasive, making it difficult to trap her. She has the best critical strike potential of any marksman AND her ultimate will follow you across the map. Everyone loves to have Lesley on their team, so the player who wants to use her is always given a courtesy swap auto-pick to prevent the other team from picking her in draft.

Moskov will ruin your day. That’s all there is to it. This marksman has a shorter range than some but he’s got a blink skill and stun on a stick. He also has rapid cooldown times thanks to his passive, meaning LOTS of teleporting and stunning. This gives you excellent damage and sustainability. You’re also a great lane farmer with good damage-per-second output because you can hit multiple enemies. Moskov can also deliver massive damage from off-screen when you least expect it.

Claude has the singular distinction of being the only marksman who could win an even fight with an assassin. His ultimate skill is not merely burst damage but a massive blitz attack. You *can* get the drop on him, even when he uses his switcheroo trick with his sidekick, but killing him quickly is a gamble unless you know for a fact that his ulimate is in cooldown.

Other marksmen have great potential too and can deal massive damage with the right setup. But you want *these* three because of their excellent survival and damage output. Marksmen are neutralized by taking away their opportunities to farm, either by stealing their resources or killing them five or six times. But Claude, Lesley and Moskov will get fed right into the end game where they are the most powerful and most needed.

MAGE: Kagura, Alice, Harith

Kagura is absolutely the most versatile mage in the game. She doesn’t have the raw power of other mages, but she has a high DPS output due to her broad skill set. She pokes, she rules lanes, she deals a lot of crowd control and she can debuff and escapemost crowd control, making her especially sought-after in high level play. However, like Fanny, you have to be highly technical to play Kagura effectively. Kagura will nearly always be banned so she won’t see much play time. But when she isn’t, you will rule the lanes.

Alice is much the same as before her recent updates, with a small exception. It is now difficult to interrupt her powerful ultimate with crowd control. This means that aside from her ability to flicker with her second skill, she now has uninterruptible life steal through a highly-damaging ultimate that cannot be broken with juggles, knockbacks, stun or petrify. She’ll keep surviving in a group fight no matter how much CC you throw at her, and when she’s done she’ll whisk away to safety.

NEW: Harith is an annoying little &@$^%& who zips to and fro with his #$#$%@#$% and his @#$((*#$)#. His ludicrous burst damage makes the &@#[email protected](# little *@#[email protected]#% slippery as *&^(#)#[email protected]#[email protected]#%@#$%!!! Harith enjoys frequent bans in draft games because he %$#%Q#$^% @$$ &*(#)%##@. Worst of all, his #$%^&*^%$ blink skill gets &*#([email protected]#)%$ [email protected][email protected]#%#$% &*@(#$)@#$!!!!!! So yeah, he’s a real punk and he’s among the hardest to stop.

SUPPORT: Estes, Angela

Estes is a very reliable healer in the game and a great boost to your sustainability. He also doubles as CC and magic damage dealer so he can dish out as much as he can take, but the healing is the real bonus here. Estes’s healing skills are quite decent and ensure that your allies last much, much longer on the battlefield. He’s not hard to stop if you’re an assassin, but if you don’t finish him off, he’ll heal right back up and then you’ll have to try to kill him all over again.

Angela is coveted for her single-target buffs and debuffs. She’s a dangerous mage in her own right, buffing herself and greatly slowing her opponent at the same time. But two things make her a nightmare. First, she evades by latching on to an ally, then she continues to fight from piggyback that way while you can’t touch her! Second, her attached ally gets a giant shield and all her speed buffs. This is a monstrous advantage on certain heroes (like Johnson) that ultimately cause her to be banned in draft play.

TANK: (Johnson, Hylos, Minotaur)

Johnson is the most dangerous tank in the game. All of his skills can slow or stun you. He does area-of-effect damage within melee range. He’s got a remarkable passive that sprouts a gigantic shield when his life gets too low, which makes him very difficult to kill. Johnson is an excellent cavalry hero like Fanny because his ult lets him get to anywhere in the map quickly in an emergency, bringing a friend along for extra hurts, and always slamming into you with a stun for appetizers. Everyone remembers to ban Johnson from draft games, at least as much as they ban Kagura.

Hylos is an exceptionally supportive tank and damage dealer in his own right. His ultimate carries healing, crowd control, ally buffs, and charge-or-escape all in one. His first skill is a straight-up damaging stun and his second skill is a continuous AoE damage source. It’s very hard for enemies to tactically charge into a lane or sneak in for hits when he is present, making him a very dangerous hero to have around.

Minotaur is your boy if your team favors fast, hard-charging heroes. This tank is one of the two most coveted in the current meta (the other being Gatotkaka) and with good reason. He heals himself and allies, he puts out excellent soft and hard crowd control, and when he goes into Rage Mode he’s an absolute monster with bonuses to damage, armor, magic def and all his skills. He gets in your way, he’s hard to take down, he keeps his team alive and sets up enemy heroes to die hard.

FIGHTER: (Ruby, Chou, Martis)

There are a dozen fighters in Mobile Legends now and any one of them could be extremely dangerous to veterans depending on how good the player is. Some are easily overcome if you know how. Alucard is nasty one on one, but can be crowd-controlled. Aldous will hunt you down like a dog, but his cooldowns are long and he’s very squishy himself. Argus’s ultimate is negated if you avoid damaging him and just let it run out, and so on and so forth. But here are some heroes that are difficult to handle at any point in the game.

Chou has powerful skill combinations that can knock you back and up into the air. He’s an excellent disabler with short cooldowns and his ultimate recharges in only 35 seconds. When built as a tank he becomes insanely difficult to kill because his offensive combos can be defensive or evasive too. However, it takes timing, skill and patience to master his combo chains.

Ruby is not super damaging but she’s built for excellent durability and sustain. She specializes in crowd control and puts out more continuous group stuns than any other hero. This makes her extremely valuable in team fight, in rescue missions and in tower defense. She’s such a pain in the butt although she doesn’t get banned as much because she takes great skill and sense of timing to really use well.

Martis either gets first courtesy swap in your team or he gets banned so the other team can’t use him. He is a combination charger and crowd controller and dangerous one on one or against a group. He plays much like Ruby, but with less stun and more hard crowd control. In fact, he also resists most crowd control when using his skills. Martis can snowball his kills into a Savage like Karina does, thanks to his nasty ultimate. Most people don’t realize that he’s so weak in the first four minutes, or that he’s not as damaging as other heroes in the late game. They don’t realize it because for most of the game they’re getting their ass handed to them by a CC freak who hunts them down or escapes like the wind.


Those difficult characters can take a long time to master. It’s best to test them out during the free rotation while saving up your battle points to buy them. In the meantime, you might want to play with a hero that is easy to use but still has a severe impact on the game. Here are some suggestions:

Zilong is one of the first heroes you receive and as a fighter, he’s very easy to learn. He moves fast and hits even faster. Basically, you can’t go wrong with changing to Zilong if your team needs a charger. The thing that makes him deadly is that he’s hard to escape! He can outrun you, slow you down and even drag you back into tower range with his spear flip. When played well, he can really do a lot of damage to the enemy team.

Belerick doesn’t have super abilities but he does excel as a defensive tank. He has slow and immobilization skills to help your allies get away. His ultimate will soak up 40% of the team’s damage. You don’t even have to do anything special because you’re a walking Blade Armor. Just get into a team fight, take the hits, buy time for your team to run away. Then you run away too, regenerate (gosh you’ve got a massive amount of life) and then come back. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Karina is a fantastic assassin when used right. Her abilities aren’t difficult to master but the discipline that comes with using them *is* difficult to maintain. Simply remember that Karina does not do pitched fights. She is a finisher. She takes little advantages until she knows she has your life down to where she can finish you off. If the enemies are in a group, she will finish everyone off one at a time. Talk about reaping. It’s insane. And you don’t need a PhD to use her; just discipline.

Cyclops is arguably the easiest mage to use. Just keep firing all your skills whenever you can. He has a beautiful passive that chops down cooldown times whenever one of your skills hits, so ideally you want to be using your skills all the time. That’s what you end up doing—spamming your skills until the enemy dies. Just keep him away from melee and everything will be fine.

Layla is your first ever Mobile Legends hero. She’s not very good at mixing it up but she excels at staying far away from others and hurting them from a distance. She’s got the longest basic attack range in the late game, able to shoot down towers from outside their perimeter. She’s also got nasty burst skills, but her basic attacks are what’s really deadly. Some people will tell you to get Miya instead, but if you are disciplined with Layla you can never go wrong with picking her.

Diggie is the coolest little support dude ever because he’s great at controlling mobility. He has three very simple jobs. First, toss a remote-controlled grenade into the street so that enemy heroes have to move around it or get stunned for two seconds. Second, trap an enemy hero so that he can’t escape, especially if your friends are trying to kill him, or if there’s a grenade in the street. Third, make all allies immune to crowd control for 2.5 seconds and give them shields too. That’s more than enough for your entire team to gain an enormous team-fight advantage. Especially if there’s a grenade in the street. Oh yeah, and he can stroll around the map after he dies, and fart in everyone’s faces with True Damage, disallowing Recall and Regeneration effects. Awesome guy.

And that’s it. Those are heroes that are easy to learn yet have a big impact on the game.


Never play Natalia. She’s squishy and useless and not worth your time to learn. She’s no good for team fights and she can’t win against anyone until it’s the late game, and by then the fight is already over. No matter how cool she looks, nobody really takes her seriously. She’s one of the worst characters in the game. Easy meat.

The most efficient way to rank up quickly is to play together with friends or people you’ve played with before. Pre-made teams are always going to dominate a team of unorganized strangers that blame each other once things start to downhill.

  • Why are pre-made teams so good?
    • A pre-made team will be able to calmly decide which player takes which role (marksman, mage, tank, etc.) without having to fight over who chooses what.
    • If that pre-made team chooses an assassin, or a marksman, or any hero that needs to farm in the jungle to level up quickly, then that assassin/marksman/etc. can farm peacefully since the other team members understand the importance of that hero farming.
    • Teamwork. Players are put into teams of five to let them work as a team to achieve victory. Somebody could split push while the rest of the team distracts the enemies by engaging in a teamfight. The team could gather up and gank the damage dealer to shut them down before they become too fed. There won’t be any auto-lock players, no feeders that blame the rest of the team for their own stupidity, and no cancer players that ruin your overall gaming experience. The entire team understands that they have to work together to win.
    • The cooperation and organization in a pre-made team helps them make better decisions. The team will be able to communicate since they all know each other and are comfortable with playing with each other. These kinds of things are very hard to find when playing solo.
  • It does not have to be a complete team of five. You could team up with a friend or a skilled player you played with in a previous match. If nobody you know IRL plays the game, or your friends that do play never seem to be online the same time you are, you could send friend requests to skilled players on your team. (Or, perhaps, the skilled player would be the one to befriend you 😀 )
    • Once you’ve befriended a lot of good players, you could invite them to play. Communicate with them to adjust to the team’s needs; communicate with them during the game to push turrets or to gank damage dealers.
    • Playing together with someone you’re familiar with also provides a little comfort, knowing there is someone that has your back and knowing there is someone you can talk to.

But what if I’m playing solo? What do I do then? There are things you can still do when playing solo, little things that might give the team a push in the right direction.

  • Learn to play heroes from each role. The most important roles being tanks, marksmen, and fighters. That way, if somebody has already taken a role, you can choose another role that could contribute balance the team’s lineup.
    • Why is it so important to learn different roles? Imagine this: You’re playing solo. Two of your teammates have already locked onto the marksman of their choice. Bad news, because you only know how to play marksmen, and choosing another marksman is one marksman too many for the team’s lineup. If you choose another marksman, knowing that it is a bad decision, you could jeopardize your team’s chances of winning. You’re running out of time, and you choose marksman anyway. The game is loading, and you see the enemy team has a powerful assassin that could easily eliminate your team’s marksmen. Oh no.
    • But seriously, it is important to learn different roles when playing solo, because every team will be different, and it’ll do good for everyone that the team is balanced. If the team badly needs a tank, then take one for the team and choose a tank.
  • Play smart. Choose your battles wisely, and never engage in a battle if you don’t think you can win. Jumping into a battle and getting yourself killed will only feed the team more. Avoid heroes that have a CC-heavy skillset, you might be dead before you know it. If the tank is particularly difficult to take down, maybe you need to build magical/physical penetration.
  • Experiment with different builds all the time. Take some time to read up on the passive effects of different items and think about how they could help your hero deal more damage. Watch the livestreams of skilled players and compare their builds to yours, or try out their builds for yourself. Certain equipment builds will work better in certain situations.
  • Take time to learn which hero counters who. A CC-ed can’t deliver burst damage. A CC-ed marksman is a marksman that deals no damage. Learn which heroes can stop other heroes or make other heroes play less aggresively.
    • At the same time, if the enemy’s lineup has a hero that can counter you, play it safe and try to avoid them.
  • There are some heroes that work well together. For example, the Odette + Johnson Ultimate combo can almost always insta-kill whoever they decide to target. If somebody picks a hero, absolutely take the opportunity to do skill combos with them.
  • Don’t be a feeder. The only people that benefit from feeding are the enemies.

In summary:

  • Play in a pre-made team or with people you know as often as possible. Pre-made teams offer communication, organization, and teamwork benefits that solo teams don’t.
  • When playing solo:
    • Learn to play heroes of different roles so that you will be able to adjust to the team’s needs.
    • Play smart, don’t make stupid decisions.
    • Experiment with builds to see which one works best.
    • Learn which heroes counter who; if you are able to counter an enemy team’s hero, you could be the savior of your team. (It is also good to know the heroes that can counter your hero, so you can play safe.)
    • Learn which heroes can work well together. Take the opportunity to combo with a teammate.
    • Don’t be a feeder. Protection Status