League of Legends An Unknown DirectX Error Occurred: Windows 10

League of Legends An Unknown DirectX Error has Occurred: League of legends is one of the most dominated games that is being played today. With over 100 millions players per month, League of legends has gone ahead beyond big games like Dota 2 and Hearthstone. Within a span of 5 years, this game has touched the heart of billions. With this grand success and such a huge number of players, this game is consistent as well as stable. However, with facts like consistent and stability, we must also accept the fact that errors are inevitable. Many new users reported an error while launching League of Legends. So, in this article, we are going to provide an easy method to fix one such error, that is, League of Legends an unknown directX error has occurred.

It is important to note than error An Unknown DirectX Error is not specific to League of Legends or any other game. Users have encountered this error while playing many games including Call of Duty, Dota 2, etc. So the solution given in the next section is also applicable to all the games and is not specific to League of Legends.


Follow the steps given below to fix League of Legends An Unknown DirectX Error has occurred:

  • Go to Device Manager. (Type Device Manager on search bar or type devmgmt.msc in Run Panel).
  • Expand Display Adapters tab in Device Manager.
  • Double Click the display driver you got by expanding Display Adapters in step 2.
  • Go to Driver tab and select Update Driver button.
  • Then out of the two available options, select Search automatically for updated driver software. This may take some time.


  • Once this step is completed, go to League of Legends icon. Right click on it and select Open File Location.
  • Go to config folder and delete two files: game.config and input.
  • Go back to League of Legends folder. Now go to RADS > projects folder. Here you will find some folders starting with lol_game_client. Delete these folders (You may find two or three such folders).
  • Now go back to League of Legends icon. Launch this game. Here click on icon on top right corner.
  • Now click the Repair button on left.
  • Go to Device Manager. Expand Display Adapters, right click on the expanded driver and select Disable. 
  • Then right click the same display driver again and select Enable.

Note: Do not skip any step. Make sure you are implementing each and every step and that too in a sequential manner.

So there were some simple steps to fix this annoying issue that says, “an unknown directX error has occurred”. Hope you liked this article on how to fix League of Legends an unknown directX error has occurred. Kindly let us know if you find yourself into trouble while going through the steps mentioned above. Also, if you need some clarity or better understanding on any of the steps mentioned above, feel free to ask via comments.

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