How to Track UK Visa Application Status easily using GWF Number

Track UK Visa Application Status: Are you planning to go to the UK? Have you applied for the UK Visa? If yes, then you should keep an eye on the status of it as this can help you know when you will receive your Visa.

It is really easy to check the status of UK Visa online if you have got the Visa reference number of passport number. The applicants who have submitted the visa applications might have to wait for a long time to receive their Visa. There are some applicants whose Visa is get confirmed with some weeks while others have to wait for a longer time.

It is good news for all the UK visa applicants that the government has allowed them to check the UK visa application status in no time.

It is really easy to check the status without wasting your time. You don’t have to make many efforts in doing this task and within a few minutes, you will the accurate results. Here you can check out simple steps to check the status for UK Visa online

Method 1: Track UK Visa Application Status Online

  • At first, you need to go to the official website of the UK government so that you can get the link to check UK visa status.
  • You should have Case ID details, BRP number, Permanent reference number or immigration health surcharge number. You need to carry any of these details with you when you are looking for the visa status.
  • If you want to use UK visa tracking gwf number to track application status, then there are two methods to do it. Either you have to check the status online or you can call UK visas &immigration for help. If you don’t know that is GWF number, then it is the unique application number and it is provided to you when you submit the application for Visa.

Method 2: Track UK Visa Status Offline

There are 2 ways to track your UK visa status offline. 1st one is Email Service and the 2nd one is Phone Service

Email Service:

  • You can send email to visa embassy and it can charge up to $6 for the first email.
  • Once you sent email Upcoming email not chargeable
  • Make sure your email contains all required details like your query or question in full details, passport number, application reference, and your personal information.

Phone Service

    • You can also call directly to the immigration department on 00 44 203 4811741 from your registered mobile number.




    service charge up to $1.50 and international charge.
  • This service available 24 hours from Monday to Friday.
  • The best part of the phone call is available in different languages like Hindi, English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Cantonese, and Franch.

No of Days To Process Application – % of Application Decided

  • 2 Days – 6%
  • 3 Days – 17%
  • 5 Days – 60%
  • 10 Days – 98%
  • 15 Days – 99%
  • 30 Days – 99%
  • 60 Days – 100%

So, these are the simple ways of us visa tracking. If you will send an email to them, then the UK immigration department would take around two days to provide a response to you.

It is better that you consider taking help of the phone services instead of sending an email. You don’t have to worry much when you are looking for the application status for your UK visa.

Whether you are going to the UK for your business or you are going there for education, it is really crucial that you consider applying for a visa on time so that you can get it faster.

If you will delay in applying for the visa, then it would take you a long time to receive the confirmation of it. If you have already applied for the UK visa, then you can check theUK visa application status sitting at your home with the above steps.

You are never going to find any difficulty in finding the Visa status because it is a really simple procedure. If you aren’t able to understand this procedure, then you can dial the UK immigration contact number from where you can get proper assistance regarding the application status of yours.

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