How To Speed Up Windows 10 PC / Computer: 2021 Easy Steps

How To Speed Up Windows 10: All of us would witness that our computer works very slow over a period of time. No matter whether you use a pc or laptop, you can’t escape from this issue. After habituated using the faster system, we will get irritated if our system slows down. Sometimes it takes too much time even to start up. No wonder one gets an idea to buy a new system. There are several solutions to be followed to speed up your computer.

To make the computer faster, one should carefully observe the below methods. In this article, we are going to discuss how to speed up windows. We will discuss speeding up Windows 10 operating system. Let’s think about the issue first before going to discuss the solution to speed up windows.

Why does Computer become Slow?

All the programs that run when the system is switched on should be available in RAM; whenever RAM is full, it will create virtual memory. CPU will reserve additional memory on the hard disk, known as swapping; this leads to slowing down the computer. We need to make sure unnecessary programs should not load by default.

To speed up windows, you need to remove or uninstall all unnecessary programs from your pc.

You would have installed so many software and trial versions in the past. Please list all the programs you no longer use and uninstall them by going to the control panel.

Click Start -> Control Panel, select programs that you want to delete, and click uninstall.

We will have temporary files to be deleted. You are requested to delete them.

Click Windows + R -> and type “%temp%” and click Enter. Now you will get windows that have temporary files. Select all and delete. You can use CCleaner software also to delete all temporary files and cookies.

How To Speed Up Windows 10 PC / Computer

Reduce the programs to start up

You need to set less number of programs to be run while starting up your system.

Click Windows + R – > and type “MSConfig,” and click Enter. You will get System Configuration. Click on the Startup tab and deselect unnecessary programs from the list. If you’re using your computer for long hours, sometimes restarting will clear out its memory. It closes all programs running in the background that you forgot to close some of the programs you are not using. Go to the Start button, click the arrow in the Start Menu’s bottom-right, and choose Restart.

Make sure your desktop has fewer items.

It’s recommended to have fewer icons on your desktop. If your desktop has many icons and shortcuts to the programs, your system will be slow because Windows has to refresh them. Create a folder and drop all your icons into it will solve the problem.

Turn off Gadgets

All the Gadgets that will show you information about the weather forecast or sports results many more, giving you instant information to speed up your pc.

Recycle Bin

Many of us think if we delete an item, then we have cleared out some memory. But as long as we have them in Recycle Bin, we did not clear the memory out. Make sure your recycle bin is empty.

Extra RAM

Your system speed depends on RAM. Consider extending your RAM, which gives you faster performance. The more memory we have, the faster the programs run. As all the programs have to be loaded to RAM to run, it’s better to have considerably more memory. Run disk defragment and disk clean up often to speed up your computer.


Try to update your outdated software and drivers. With each new version of the Software, we will have more features added, leading to efficient and speedy performance.


We have seen some tips on How to speed up Windows 10 PC / Computer. I hope you enjoy the article. Please use all the above-mentioned methods to speed up pc and get maximum speed out of it. If you cannot solve the issue after trying the above methods, it’s time to reinstall your operating system. As we mentioned above, please reduce any of the programs to be loaded in a startup, clean your temporary files regularly, make your desktop with fewer icons or create a folder and place the icons if you have any after the fresh reinstall.

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