if you searched impropriate things on google. If You are doing Some illegal activities. Or spreading some spam or unauthorized things anywhere. Google has its own policies if you going against policies you will be blocked from Google as well as Google all Apps.

As we know Google is one of the most reliable search engines and it provides the solutions/results for any query that the user has. Google Apps are a suite of web-based messaging and collaboration applications that Google hosts on their own servers. Google provides these applications as a “service” rather than as software to download and install. what if google apps not working well? if you’re facing the same problem then you should go thoroughly the blog as here you’ll get step by step solution.

How to Protect yourself from blocking?

Don’t search about hacking Use VPN if your searching for illegal things on google sometimes google may block you on all his App and Gmail like Google+, Google Assistant, Google Maps and YouTube, etc.

Follow the steps

# Solution 1: For Android

step 1: Go to Settings and click on App manager.

step 2: Then search for the app google play service click on it.

step 3: Clear data and cache file and also click on force stop button.

step 4: turn off mobile data and restart your phone.

Solution 2: For iPhone

Reason behind working issue

# Google app not updated

# Internet connection not working well

# Restart your iPhone, it helps to run the apps.

Hope this method is useful for you if you have any other suggestions comment down below. !!

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