How to Remotely Control Your PC From a Smartphone

Have you ever thought of controlling your PC from your couch or outside your home just by your smartphone? If yes, then we have a way you can use to control your PC from anywhere?

This article has covered a step-by-step guide to controlling your PC from a smartphone remotely.

Getting Started

To achieve remote control, you have to install a remote desktop client on your PC and smartphone. The preferable remote desktop clients are Google Chrome Remote Desktop and TeamViewer. If you are a Windows Phone user, then you can forget about the Google Chrome Remote Desktop because the app version is not available in Windows Phone Store.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

To use Google Chrome Remote Desktop, you need Google’s Chrome browser on your PC.

1. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on your computer (Windows or OS X) and the Android or iPhone’s corresponding official app.

2. Run the Chrome Remote Desktop on your PC and follow the procedure of permission granting.

3. It will request you to install Remote Desktop Host, click “Accept and Install.”

4. After installing Remote Desktop Host, click continue,e, and it will request you to enter your desired PIN of at least 6 digits.

5.  You have completely set up a Google Chrome Remote Desktop on your PC.

6. Now it’s time for your smartphone, launch the Google Remote Desktop app on your phone.

7. Select your Computer Name, enter your PIN for the remote computer, and tap “CONNEC..”

8. It’s done; you can now control your PC from your Smartphone.


1. Install TeamViewer on your computer (Windows/OS X/Linux/Chrome) and corresponding official app on AndroidiPhoneWindows Phone, or BlackBerry.

2. Launch TeamViewer on your PC. It will generate a one-time password and TeamViewer ID for you.

3. Launch the TeamViewer app on your phone. Enter your TeamViewer ID and one-time password.

4. It’s done you have successfully set up a remote connection to your PC, you can now control your PC from your Smartphone.

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