How To Generate Tons Of Traffic To A New Blog?

If you’re starting a blog, you might probably wondering how to generate traffic to it. Well, there are many ways to accomplish that. In fact, hundreds of bloggers would offer you thousands of suggestions when it comes to generating traffic and blog ranking.
In this post, I will talk about some of the most useful strategies as long as blog traffic building is concern. If you’re a new blogger, then these tips will be helpful to you.
Here’s some of my suggestions.

1. Find established blogs in your niche.

One of the most powerful strategies in traffic building is connecting with other people who talk the same thing. In other words, you need to build good relationship with those bloggers who are already successful in blogging.
The main reason for this is for you to find audience. How? Remember that those successful blogs in your niche have thousands of followers everyday. What if you can invite those people to visit your blog? Isn’t that amazing?
Yea. But wait. It’s not all about promotion. What I really mean is, you read other blogs and share your thoughts on their posts. Say something. Something of value. It maybe a comment, suggestion, or even a question.
You do this without mentioning your own blog. No promotion yet. Just build good relationship. Leave meaningful comments. Do this consistently. The more conversations you make, the more traffic you can generate in the near future.

2. Connect with Google Alert.

The only problem is, how will you find successful blogs in your niche? The answer to this questions is google alerts. What Google Alerts does is, it will provide you fresh information on what is going on specifically on your topic.
For example, if you’re in the business niche, google will send you alerts in email every time a new article is published. This helps you get updated. You can visit those newly published articles and comment on them. By doing that, you are connecting your blog with those giant blogs. The most exciting thing is that, people who are visiting those blogs may also visit yours.
So how this works? If you have google account, you can instantly use that account to start with google alerts. You then select the keywords that are related to your niche. After you successfully connected, google will soon send you updates. You’ll be receiving alerts every day. You can then start building relationship with other websites.

3. Participate in Forums.

Another great way of increasing your blog traffic is by joining conversation on forums. Forums are powerful in terms of generating traffic. People go their regularly to comment and write posts to answer questions.
Big forums like Warrior Forum have thousands if not millions of regular users everyday. Your main job is to get in their and participate in the on going conversation. But remember, do not promote your blog immediately. You need to build good relationship first. Comment and post your suggestions and questions. Try to share your ideas. Help solve other people’s problem. It is in this way that you can build trust.
Relationship in virtual world is extremely important if you want to succeed in your business.


Generating traffic to your new blog is difficult. But if you follow these simple tips, it will be easier for you. There are hundreds of useful ideas out there that could help you in your journey. These simple tips of mine are the basics.
Please remember that success in blogging does not happen overnight. It requires patience and determination to get there. Just be consistent. Use all your resources to find more information that could help you build your blog.
If you have something you want to share, feel free to leave a comment below.
Good luck.