How to fix PUBG Error Cannot Find msvcp140.dll: 2 Easy Steps

How to fix PUBG Error Cannot Find msvcp140.dll: PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, also known as PUBG is one of the latest buzzes in the gaming fields. People are going mad over this game and it is certainly providing an amazing user experience to its end users. PUBG was being launched a year ago in March 2017.

It has been developed and supported by a South Korean company, named BlueHole. It is one of the fastest-growing games these days. PUBG is available on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Xbox One, and Windows machines. Android and iOS users can download PUBG from the links given below.

Download PUBG for Android devices.
Download PUBG for iOS Devices.

The fact that PUBG has been marked as Editor’s choice on Google Play Store and marked as #1 Trending on Apple Store clearly shows the popularity of this game among people all across the globe.

Since PUBG is trending so much, I also thought of trying my hands on this game. Though I am not a big game lover, I was a bit excited to play this game. However, things didn’t go as expected. I was able to download and install PUBG successfully on my Windows machine,

but as soon as I launched this game, I got PUBG Error Cannot Find msvcp140.dll file. Fortunately, I was aware of the msvcp140.dll file and I knew how to fix such issues. But I know how frustrating and hard it can be if you spend hours fixing this error. So, I thought of providing a couple of easy methods to fix PUBG Error Cannot Find msvcp140.dll.


First of all, the msvcp140.dll file is not specific to PUBG. This file is always there on your windows machine and a lot of other applications and games can make use of this file. It is one of the most popular and important files for any Windows-based machine.

This clearly makes it a direct target for trojans and malware that can potentially damage this file. Like other games and applications, PUBG also needs msvcp140.dll for proper functioning. When it doesn’t find this file, it shoots an error message that says:

Cannot find msvcp140.dll. Please reinstall this application.

Though the error message itself asks you to reinstall the application, you need not do so. In fact, reinstalling PUBG won’t do any good for you. The error will still persist. We have provided two of the easiest and most efficient methods to fix PUBG Error Cannot Find msvcp140.dll file.

So, let us not waste any time further and jump directly to the methods we have listed below to resolve PUBG Error Cannot Find msvcp140.dll file.


In this section, we have listed two methods that you can use to fix PUBG Error Cannot find msvcp140.dll file. The first method will try to repair or upgrade the msvcp140.dll file in case it has been damaged by malware or its version is old.

The second method, on the other hand, will instruct you on how to download and install the missing msvcp140.dll file on your system. So, let us get started.


Windows operating system comes up with an inbuilt command called sfc (System File Checker) that can repair and upgrade the damaged System Files and dll files. It basically scans your entire system for the damaged and incompatible system files and dll files and if it finds any such files,

it replaces them with the latest and correct ones. We have prepared a simple and easy to use step by step guide that you can follow to use sfc command to fix PUBG Error Cannot Find msvcp140.dll.

How to Use System File Checker to repair dll Files

Simply follow the instructions mentioned in this guide given above, and you should be able to resolve this error code. However, if this method is not able to resolve the issue, this clearly means that msvcp140.dll file is not present in your system and you have to explicitly download and install it on your system. So, let us see how we can do this in the next method given below.


Just follow the steps given below to download and install the msvcp140.dll file to resolve PUBG Error Cannot find the msvcp140.dll file.

  • Go to the link given below to download the msvcp140.dll file depending upon your system specification (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download msvcp140.dll File

  • Once you have downloaded the correct file, copy it and paste it to the C:\Windows\System32 folder.
  • Now copy the same msvcp140.dll file and paste it to the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder also, especially if you have a 64-bit operating system.
  • This completes the installation of the msvcp140.dll file.
  • Now, try to launch PUBG on your system and check if the error still persists.

So, these were the few methods to fix PUBG Error Cannot find the msvcp140.dll file. Hope you liked this article on How to fix PUBG Error Cannot find the msvcp140.dll file. In case of any issues, queries, or concerns, feel free to mention it in the comments section below. We will try to resolve your query as soon as possible. We are always happy to help you. Thanks and stay tuned.

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