How To Fix ”App Not Installed” Problem In Android Phone [Easy Guide]

Android phones are trending today as they offer Awesome features such as stunning camera resolution and big internal storage space. There are many possibilities for installing the application. However, when you try to open the downloaded application, you may see the “Application not installed” error message. So, there is a good solution to this error so that users do not receive this error message.

This is the easy way to solve the app not installed problem on android follow my steps are given below.

What is App not installed problem?

android app not installed is no more an unknown Error code during application installation as many people experience it. application not installed error message usually pops up when you are trying to download and install an App with a .apk file extension from somewhere other than the google play store.

The error is very confusing at first but makes sense when you realize that this unknown Error code during application installation is neither a software issue nor a hardware problem. It is a direct outcome of what you do with your device. Yes, you heard that right. Your faulty actions can cause Android App not installed error.

Why occurs this type of problem in Android phones?

app not installed” or “application not installed

this problem occurs because of when you download a .apk extension file from a browser or any other game store. android manifest set in android phone lots of permission where this type of error occurs. sometimes the app build has corrupted files. when you install an unsigned app that time this error has occurred.

Why is my phone not installing apps?

Not Installed App is an error code message that appears on the Android screen when trying to run the downloaded application. After that, the app will not work properly on Android phones. Few Android users are trying to download and install apps from the internet. However, these types of applications can become corrupted or infected with malware.

What are the Main Reasons for App Not Installed Error?

There are some reasons behind which cause to appear or show App Not Installed error on the android screen. Here, 5 main reasons checkout below:

  • The application-related files downloaded from the infected website then the downloaded file gets corrupted.
  • If your android phone has not enough internal storage then the download APK file not gets stored in the internal storage.
  • Moreover, if the virus attack on the phone then the file will get corrupted or it will also chance of app corruption.
  • If you have enabled “Don’t Allow Third-Party App Permission” to install into the phone. This will not always stop to install unknown applications.
  • Most of the time the app file gets damaged from the phone which leads to not running properly and showing the error message.

How Do I Fix an App Not Installed on Android?

Fix 1. Via Restarting Your Android Phone:

Restarted your android phone this will maximum chances to resolve. First “Close All Open Apps” > “Long Hold on Power OFF” button > “Tap on Restart” option. Just wait for a few minutes then the problem will automatically be resolved.

Fix 2. Via Checking Location of Apps:

If the internal memory is not available, locate the download elsewhere, such as an external memory card. Thanks to this, the file is easily downloaded to the phone and the error is either fixed or fixed after installing the application.

Fix 3. Via Clearing Cache from Cache Package Installer:

In this way, all open apps must be removed from multiple activities. Then select, “Go To The Settings” > “Choose to Manage Apps” option. Now, you need to choose, “System Application” > tap on both “Clear Data” and later “Clear Cache”. Therefore, the error disappears from the phone. Please restart your phone and install the application freely.

Fix 4. Via the “Google Play Store” App:

If you want to download the apps then we advised you to download the apps from “Google Play Store”. It has a collection of trusted apps on them thus you will get a better experience of browsing into the phone.

Fix 5. Via Sign The UnSigned Application:

You first required to install the most trusted app “ZipSigner” on the android phone app from the play store or any other browser or click on the below link to download the app. Install app and then open you will see the some contains there. Then, tap on the “Input/Output” option from the list. Finally, tap on the “Sign the File” option and alter the error will have fixed.

How to Fix App Not Installed Error on Android | Install APK on Android | Guiding Tech

Take Away:

App Not Installed is an error that will irritate or restrict you to install the application into the android phone. If you have download Apps APK file from an unknown website then it will happen to show errors or warning messages regularly. So, here we provide the top 6 secret ways to fix App Not Installed error on the android phone immediately.

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