[Updated 2021] How to Enable Dark Mode in Chrome, FireFox & Opera Browser

As we all know looking at a computer monitor can be hard on your eyes especially when viewing websites that have mostly black text on a white background. Today I’ll show you how to enable the dedicated dark mode for Twitter, Reddit, and DuckDuckGo along with a cool browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera that will give any website you visit a dark theme that’s easier on the eyes.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitter

The popular social networking site Twitter is one of those blinding sites that thankfully late last year added a dark mode which they called Night Mode. This makes their site a lot easier to look at. To activate it select your avatar in the upper right. At the bottom of the drop-down menu select night mode. The background switches to dark blue color with black text converted to white. The supply is a better contrast that I feel makes everything a lot easier to read. Having used their dark mode for the last couple of months I have no plans switching back.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Reddit

Redding the self-proclaimed front page of the internet, recently redesigned their site for the first time in a decade. A new feature they added is a dark mode which they have also incorrectly named Night Mode just like Twitter. More on that later captivate their so-called night mode whether you logged in or not, select the drop-down menu in the upper right then toggle the switch to turn on night mode. Now you should have a black background with a white text that makes the site more pleasant to look at.

Kudos to Twitter and Reddit for offering this dark mode feature on their sites but they don’t seem to understand the difference between night mode and dark mode. The dark mode is simply a dark theme that is very useful to minimize eyestrain. Night mode which goes by many names including Night Light on Windows and Night Shift on Apple products filters the blue light coming out of your screens to help you sleep better and reduce eye strain. The night mode offers by Twitter and Reddit do not filter out the blue light from your screens.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Every Website

For those websites that don’t have a native dark mode feature, my new favorite extension is Dark Reader. Which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Unlike most dark-themed extensions that create a custom dark mode for individual websites. Dark Reader creates a dark theme for the sites you visit without having to install custom styles or themes.

It basically just inverts the bright colors on a website making the theme easier to look at without all that white light. To customize Dark Reader to better suit your needs you can select the Dark Reader icon. Here you can switch from dark to light mode, make changes to the brightness, contrast sepia filter, and greyscale.

If you need to make any changes for an individual site, select the box “only for followed by the name of the website” to highlight it before making any adjustments.
Here are some other examples of Dark Reader being used on other sites –

It makes a Google Search look funky.
How to Enable Dark Mode
Here’s Wikipedia

And it gives YouTube a cool look without having to use the beta version of their site.
I highly recommend that you check out this extension. It’s completely free, open-source, and truly makes surfing the internet easier on the eyes.

Dark Mode addon links – Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Opera

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