How To Be A Hacker: An Ethical Hacker Easy Guide

Do you want to become a hacker? Yes, of course, that’s why you landed here. Well, what will be your response if I say “hacking is so easy same as other professions”.

Yes, it is true.

To be a hacker is so easy only if you are passionate about it. Growth is the main key point of becoming a great hacker which comes from a passion and the secret of being consistent passionate is to learn and achieve something new every day about your goals.

There is no such profession which is a problem if you are passionate about it, if you still find it difficult then you are not passionate about it.

Hacking is also one of them which needs full of dedication.

Before you enter in the field of hacking, first prepare yourself mentally whether really you want to be a hacker or it’s just a piece of motivation.

Otherwise, at some point of time, you will quit. Now let me discuss some question that beginners are facing-

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What is hacking?

Computer hacking is an art of finding loopholes in computer networks, websites, applications etc. and exploit them.

There are three types of hackers out there-

One who find vulnerabilities and patch them with the permission of owner we call them white hat hackers.

Black hat hackers having the same knowledge but they use their knowledge for a bad purpose like finding vulnerabilities and exploiting them illegally without taking a permission of the owner.

And another one who does hacking for fun purposes, we call them gray hat hackers.

How to learn hacking?

Nowadays lots of resources out there which will help you to learn hacking at beginner level like join the institute, learning online etc.

But I would suggest to learn from online tutorials, there is lots of online ethical hacking tutorials available on the internet and once you get the basic idea about hacking, now it’s time to do practice.

Here a question arises, where to practice?

Do not practice your skill on anyone websites or networks without taking permission.

The best place to practice it is to create your own virtual environment using software like VMware, virtual box etc.

Software like virtual box and VMware are allowing you to install more than one operating system on a single computer.

Where to learn hacking?

Nowadays the best place to learn anything is Google.

If you have money and you can afford the fees of ethical hacking courses (because fees is so high) then absolutely go for a physical boot camp.

But if you are not able to afford the fees then digital boot camps (YouTube videos, ethical hacking tutorial etc.) are best for you.

The only advantage of joining a physical boot camp is to have a direct interaction with the trainers.

Is hacking legal or illegal?

As above I discussed that there is a two side of hacking bad which we call black hat hacking and good which we call white hat hacking.

Black hat hackers are the guys who are using their knowledge for the bad purpose like exploits the system, hack the website without taking the permission, steal the money from the bank etc.

Hacking is legal only if you are using it for good purpose.

Do not try hacking on any system or website without having a proper written permission otherwise, you can be in danger.

Is there any career in hacking?

Yes, there is a large opportunity out there in the field of ethical hacking.

This is the world of internet where each organization either it’s IT industry or any other, they all need a security expert to make secure their company information.

Remember one thing, there is no scope if you want to become a black hat hacker, the future of black hat hackers are only jail.

There is a high position with high salary job available in all the industry.

These are some positions for which you can apply as an ethical hacker-

  • Security analyst
  • Information security analyst
  • Certified ethical hacker
  • Ethical hacker
  • Security consultant
  • Information security manager etc.

What to learn to become a hacker?

In the beginning, we are not getting a proper guidance of what to learn to become a hacker. When we ask someone, I want to be a hacker “what should I learn”.

When we ask someone what should I read in order to become a hacker, people start counting us that learn all the languages, operating systems and be expert in everyone.

And when we hear this line, we are afraid that we have to learn this much of thing how will I do this, and as a result of continuously thinking we quit before starting.

Yes, at some point they are right because if you want to become a good hacker you must need to have a good grip on maximum operating system and languages but all these are the very advanced level.

But in beginning level you just need to have some basic knowledge about of all these –

Basic computer skills

Already you know that to become a hacker you must know the basic computer skills. But these skills go beyond to create a word document and cruise the internet. You need to be able to use a command line, windows registry editing, network settings etc.

Networking skills

You need to have a basic understanding of networking topics like-

  • DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration which is used to provide dynamic IP to the computers in a network.
  • NAT stands for network address translation used to convert public IP to private IP and private IP to public IP.
  • Subnetting is a process of dividing a single large network into a different small network.
  • IPv4 is internet protocol version 4 which is assign to the computer to identify in a network. It is a 16-bit address.
  • IPv6 is internet protocol version 6 used to identify a computer in a network. It is a 32-bit address.
  • Public vs. private IP: Public IP used on the internet and private IP used in a local network.
  • DNS stands for domain name system used to resolve human readable-hostnames like to a machine-readable IP address like
  • Routers and switch: these both are computer network devices used to connect one or more computer with other one or more computers.
  • VLANs stand for virtual local area networks. A VLAN might comprise a subset of the ports on a single switch or subsets of ports on multiple switches.
  • OSI models: Open system interconnection is a networking framework to implement a protocol in its seven layers.
  • MAC address: Media access control is the unique identifier assigned to network interface controller (NIC).
  • ARP stands for address resolution protocol used for mapping IP address to a MAC address.

Linux skills

Linux is one of the most favorite operating system for hackers. Almost all the tools that we use for hacking purposes either it’s for information gathering or exploiting the system develops for Linux distribution.

Linux is an open source command line operating system which has developed many distributions till now like Ubuntu, backtrack, Kali Linux etc.

Nowadays the most used operating system for hacking and penetration testing is Kali Linux because Kali Linux is the latest distribution with more security testing and exploiting tools.


In simple word, virtual things are an illusion of the real world. Virtualization means to make the virtual version of something like operating system, server, network scenario etc.

This will provide you a virtual environment where you can practice your hacking skills before go live.

Nowadays lot’s of software available in the market like VMware, virtual box etc. which will help you to create your own hacking lab without having a more requirement of hardware.

Security concept

It is a necessary skill to understand security concepts as well as technologies. As a security person having a strong hold on security concepts can help to break or control the barriers set by security administrators.

Here are the few security concepts you should know about:




IDS and more.

Database skills

Database is a collection of structured set o data stored on the single computer in the form of the table.

Those who want to hack a database must need to have a proper a knowledge of database like how a database works, how data stored on the database etc.

Wireless technologies

As we know, nowadays most of the devices are using wireless technology for sending and receiving data. So as a hacker, if we want to hack wireless devices must first need to understand the proper function of it.

Before go for direct hacking of wireless devices research and gather information as much as you can about these concepts – WPS, WEP, WPA, WPA2, the four-way handshake and more.


The most important skill you must have if you want to become a hacker. Cryptography is a process secure communication over the internet with the help of encoding and decoding data.

There are some cryptographic techniques used in general:

Public key cryptography

Symmetric key cryptography

Hash functions.

Scripting skills

Isn’t hacking possible without knowing languages?

It depends on the situations what kind of hacking you are performing. For instance, you want to hack a network then you must need to have a better understanding of networking like how data is flowing in a network but if you are targeting a website which completely based on languages then also you should know about languages otherwise how will you find the vulnerabilities.


Hacking is neither difficult nor easy as how we are thinking but it’s a passion of understanding, a dedication of interest which help us to become a great hacker.

Hacking is a continuous process of learning that makes it interesting. Now it doesn’t matter from where you are learning, it may be blog, books, videos, experiences etc.

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