GTMetrix Alternatives 2021– Best Free Website Speed Testing Tools

What is GTMetrix

GTMetrix is an online tool which can help SEO, website owner, developers to test the speed of the website and the tool also enables to analyze the common error which can help to boost the speed. Gtmetrix is a easy to use website speed testing tool which fetches the data of the website to analyze the factors which are causing heavy page load like heavy images, website compression, browser cache etc and as a result your website takes a long time to open in the browser.

Here we are going find and discuss some of the best GTMetrix alternatives

if you have any website of your’s or client’s so you must know the answers of the question listed below.

A Quick Overview of GTMetrix

  • GTMetrix is trusted website speed testing tool
  • It helps you to analyze and highlight all of your site error
  • can also compare your site speed with your competitor
  • Quickly find your site performance score
  • it also shows YSlow Score
  • Can also find website speed timing and total page size
  • The tool also reveals total no of request your site takes in order to open

How to compare your site with your competitor in GTMetrix

How to compare your site speed with your competitor in GTMetrix

How To Check Your Website Speed With GTMetrix

Just visit

Paste your website URL with https in the search box

Click on analyze

Now it will take some time to fetch and analyze the statics of your site. So wait for a minute

you will get result like this

just scroll the page and below you will find more a detailed result like this,

What is page speed?

Page speed is a factor or measurement which tells how much time a website takes to be open in the browser. And a perfect page speed should between 1 to 2 sec. If it is less than 1 sec so it is great. your website is doing well.

Why is page speed an important factor?

The audience or your customers are not going to wait too much, you just have few second to convince them. Those website which takes too much time to open, can create a bad impact on your visitors. They can leave or can shift to your competitors. It is also not good in the reference of search engine optimization. Google bot did not like it.

so the page speed factor for your audience as well as search engine

How it effect your website SEO?

SEO is the major factor which helps to get traffic. But Google does not like the website with heavy long time. So it can effect your SEO, if you are not fixing the issues which are causing heavy page speed.

Gtmetrix is trusted website speed test tool which highlights the issues, which shuold be fix inorder to boost your website speed.

Here is the list of all of best website speed testing tool like GTmatrix to fix the heavy load time.

PageSpeed Insights by Google

Try The Tool:

Google PageSpeed Insights is the one of the best GTMetrix Alternative to fix the website heavy load time. Google knows the importance, how much it is necessary to fix the heavy website load time so they offer a tool named “PageSpeed Insights” which help to analyze the basic problems with your website which are causing heavy load time.

How it work

  • The user has to just enter the website URL, it automatically analyzes and shows the result.
  • The tool divide the result separately for “mobile version” and “desktop version”
  • The toll gives the overall marks out of 100 and also shows the factors which has to be fix in order to get better page speed.

Try The Tool:

Pingdom is best tool like GTmetrix which calculates the average time taken by the website to be open. If you test your website with Pingdom website speed test tool, it tells you the load time, performance grade, size of your page and also highlights the factors which must be resolved for the better page speed.

Pingdom is an online service which helps website owners to improve their website performance, to provide a better user experience. With Pingdom, you can track your audience and their activities to optimize your website according to your audience.


Try The Tool:

DareBoost is company or startup which starts in 2004 and since they are helping their customers to make their website performance better. According to the website, DareBoost is a team of four members who are developers by profession.

But the tool is not completely free, but you can enjoy its trail for the limited period. For the complete control over their website optimizations’ tools, you have to be their paid member.

Tools they Offered

  • Website speed checker: It can help you to find the load time of your website and the basic problems by fixing them your website speed performance will improve.
  • Website Quality Analysis: This tool fully audits and provides, that is your website is successfully clearing all the quality checkout or not.
  • Website Comparision: Is it an online business or offline without competitor analysis you can not calculate the competition to make your marketing strategy. Competitor analysis is a vital thing which is must for everyone. And this tool is amazing in this work .

Try The Tool:

An another better alternative to GTMetrix for analyzing the stats of your website. But the tool has a complicated design which can confuse you, or can lead you to ignore the tool. But in reference to quality, the tool is good and provide genuine results. In comparison to Pingdom or others, this tool works slowly and will take some time to provide results.

The tool is divided into two parts  “simple testing” and “advance testing”. You can choose any of one, or both to compare stats. You can also use their visual comparison to compare two or more than two websites at the same time.

Try The Tool:

“” is a website performance and network monitoring service provider service like GTmetrix. It is a team of highly professional and skilled developers who are satisfying their clients since 2007 by providing their better service. The company has branches in the United States, The Netherlands, Germany, France and their services are used by many big names like IBM, GHL, Lenovo etc.

To make website performance & maintenance better they offer many tools like Website Speed Test, Uptime Check, Traceroute, DNS Report and What’s my IP.

Try The Tool:

Website speed analysis tool by the “” which is a CDN (content delivery network) service, provider. CDN helps to optimize content delivery which automatically improves the website performance. The company was founded by Jonas Krummenacher, Sven Baumgartner
Try The Tool:

Dotcom tool for the websites is a great easy to use tool which let you free to analysis the speed of your website in different browsers. You just have to set the target browser. so the tool is also good to analyze, is your website is properly optimized for the all the browsers or not?

Some of the best thing about this tool

  • It tests your website from 24 different location and shows result for each location.
  • It shows the load time on the first visit (when user visit for first time) and repeat visit (when user visit again)
  • It also shows the average of load time for the first and repeats visit on the behalf of all the 24 locations.
  • The tool is provided by the Dotcom-Monitor which founded in 1998 and it is the one of the best Web Monitoring Services providers.

Try The Tool:

A very user-friendly but not highly recommended tool to determine the website page speed in just single click. not highly recommended because its results are totally different from the other, According to GT matrix and Pingdom my website takes average 2 sec to be open but shows ‘6 sec“ which looks wrong.

But in some other reference, it is better, like you can find the connection Time, page time, download time, details of the files on the server etc with it.

Try The Tool:

Giftofspeed page speed tool works same as others. Just Choose the location after pasting the URL of the target website and it will show the results.

How can benefit you more

Giftofspeed, not only offer a page speed analysis tool rather it provides all the tools which can help you to get 100 out of 100 point in  Google pagespeed insights tool. Here are the list of all the tools offered by them

  • Enable Gzip compression
  • Optimize CSS delivery
  • Defer load CSS
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Inline CSS scripts
  • Use less Javascripts
  • Reduce amount of functional images
  • Lazy load images and many more

So we will recommend you to use their tools to fix all the possible issues.

Try The Tool:

To get details analysis, loadfocus is perfect but the problem is, it is not free. But can try this tool for free for 15 days as a trail. But you need card details to start the trail.

As a free version, you will get only basic info which is listed below.

  • Response Time
  • Performance Score
  • Network
  • Limitation
  • Advanced Time Details
  • Breakdown

Yahoo! YSlow

Try The Tool:

There is no question about this tool quality and relevancy because it belongs to the one of the trusted company “Yahoo”. It helps you to highlight all of the factors which lead your site to be slow. It uses the Yahoo!’s rules to give you results.

The Tool is available for the following browsers

  • fFirefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Source code
  • Phantomjs
  • Node.js server

Try The Tool: is also can be used as GTMetrix Alternative which is an open source project by the Gaël Métais, shows the separate performance report for desktop, mobiles, and tablets. Also shows a JavaScript Timeline, which helps to determine the work of JavaScript while loading of the website.

How it work

With help of Phantomas, Yellowlab uses PhantomJS and others matrix to load a web page to consider the overall performance of a website and then summarize the result in the form of the total score.


It is not a tool, rather it is a company or service provider who helps their customers in their website maintenance.

Their Plans And Pricing

  • Community Plan: It is free, which only include some of the basic features.
  • Superior Plan: it will cost you $24.49, which include features like 25 alerting SMS per month, unlimited domain monitoring & server monitoring and much more.
  • Business plan: It will cost $79.99, include many features which superior plan do not allow.
  • Enterprise Plan: it will help you to access the complete features of their service but they did not mention the price so you have to directly contact them to activate this plan;



Nibbler is a free tool which gives you the overall stats of the websites. Nibbler is not only a tool for website speed test or maintenance test, rather it gives results over SEO, social media engagement, accessibility etc.

Nibbler is amazing, one solution of all of your question, which gives you the overall point out of 10, highlight the top priorities which should be optimized and many more stats.

Want More Try Their Paid Tools

Haystack: a tool which can help to get lead or customers for your digital marketing services. It is a sales tool, which allows to deeply analyze your customers and find leads.

Sitebeam: it is the pro version of Nibbler which give you complete access to the  Nibbler tool, you choose any of one plan according to your requirement and budget.

  1. Light: $60
  2. Pro: $120
  3. Premium: $240

Try The Tool:

The only problem with this tools is that it is not free, you can only use the tool after completing your purchase. But if you have not a budget problem so can try, it is the one click solution for your website.

  • Checkpoints
  • Accessibility
  • Broken Links
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Search Engine Optimization

Plus – check sites for usability, and HTML standards using 700+ standards based checkpoints

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