Free Netflix Premium Accounts & Passwords (Working 100)

Hello readers, we will show you many methods to get a working free Netflix premium account in this post. And we’ll share many Netflix accounts & passwords.

Currently, Netflix is a paid video streaming platform with a monthly, trimestral, or annual subscription. This is mandatory to watch all the series and movies, and the cost is:

  • Mobile – 199Rs / month
  • Basic – 499Rs / month
  • Standard – 649Rs / month
  • Premium – 799Rs / month

In this guide, we want to help you get a free Netflix account or reduce its costs considerably.

All the methods we will share here are working, and if new methods come up, the post will be updated.

What is Netflix Premium Accounts?

The membership paid subscription accounts are required on Netflix to have all the benefits. Netflix free account created three plans, each other with better features.

The Netflix company was born in 1997 as the very first world online DVD rental store. Later, due to the technologies, they converted the company into a video streaming online service.

How to get Netflix premium for free?

The easiest and most reasonable way to get one Netflix premium account is by applying for the 1-month free trial.

Only newly created accounts that never purchased a subscription before can enjoy this promotion. It is required to submit your name and credit card. However, you can cancel before the 30 day period expires without being charged.

But your credit card will not be useful if you want to do it again with another account, so we’ll explain a little trick here.

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All you need to do is buying or creating a VCC, which is a virtual credit card. This card does not need to have credit since you are going to cancel before Netflix charges you.

When creating a new account, just use the virtual card, and you will be ready to watch Netflix for free.

How to cancel Netflix free trial?

To cancel your Netflix subscription and avoid getting charged when the free trial expires, you need to go to the cancel plan page and push “Finish Cancellation.”

After canceling your free trial, you can’t apply again; to do that, you will need to submit a different credit card and register with another email.


Free Netflix Accounts Username & Passwords

As we said before, we will share a few ✅ Netflix free accounts, and these accounts have the premium plan. We created these accounts by using the previously mentioned method.
[ninja_tables id=”6437″]
Access our full list of working Netflix premium accounts, where you will find thousands of login with username and passwords. 👇👇👇

Our accounts are working for one month. After that period of time, we will update with fresh new created accounts.

Shared Free Netflix Accounts?

This is another method to get a Netflix account almost for free, 90% cheaper. We are talking about buying an account that is shared with many people. Normally these accounts have the maximum subscription, allowing you to view Netflix content in 4K.

📌 The best thing about this is that the price is approximately $6 per year only, an affordable price, to be honest.

To buy these accounts, we recommend using eBay and search for “Netflix premium account, “you will find many results.

Choose the one that fits your budget; if the sellers have good recent reviews, it indicates that it is safe, and the accounts provided will work.

I personally tried this method months ago, and it was working perfectly. Also, my family members used my account.

Netflix Premium Account Generator 2021

Probably you’ve seen on videos or other websites a Netflix premium generator with someone clicking on a button and generating accounts in seconds.

Well, that’s not one hundred percent true; most people create fake generators and make you complete an offer. But the account never comes.

The best alternative to those generators is accessing our list of Netflix premium accounts. Our software creates virtual credit cards and associates them with newly created Netflix accounts.

Netflix generators are a scam and don’t work. However, you can access our working list of Netflix premium accounts.

Free Netflix Premium on Mobile

Many sources offer a modified version of Netflix Premium. With this app, you can watch for free all the content inside Netflix.

For many reasons, we can not provide the download link to the APK because it seems that Netflix has taken down.

By installing a free Netflix account, you can:

  • Watch all series and movies.
  • Download movies from Netflix (Offline Mode)
  • Ultra High Definition video streaming

Buy Netflix Premium in a group.

One honest and legit method to get Netflix premium cheaper is basically buying in a group. This is different from the eBay mentioned method because you will know who you will share the account with.

Basically, all you need to do is ask friends or family members if they would like to share the membership expenses. With 10 persons, you will be only paying $1 / month.

Requesting access to Netflix Premium

This is our latest method, and it consists of finding people who already have purchased a Netflix Premium subscription and requesting access to their accounts.

To find those persons, we can check the official Netflix social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or searching by hashtags. #Netflix #StrangerThings2.

The third step is to send a message to those people we’ve seen that have premium. We can do so with Instagram DM. I’ve sent this message:

Hello, I’ve seen that you own a Netflix Premium account. I want to explain my situation. Currently, I don’t have enough money to pay for the subscription, but as soon I have enough, I will buy it. Today it’s my birthday, and I wanted to watch Stranger Things on Netflix with my friends. But I do not have an account. Would you mind if I watch it from your account? You would be a really amazing person if you let me do that!!WapTechs 

She replied to me and sent login and password details!

Netflix Premium Account Plans

Each plan has a better video resolution on video streaming and the ability to watch on multiple devices simultaneously.

Basic Plan

The basic plan allows you to stream series and movies on one standard definition device (SD). And also, download the videos directly on your mobile or tablet.

Standard Plan

On the standard plan, you can make streaming of video on two devices simultaneously and in high definition (HD).  And download Netflix movies on your smartphone or tablet.

Premium Plan

The maximum plan is premium. Having this membership allows you to watch movies and series on 4 devices simultaneously in high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD). And you can download Netflix episodes to your mobile phone or tablet.

Ultra Plan

This plan has all the previous features plus improved audio quality, and you can watch in High Dynamic Range (HDR), a notable improvement on the image quality.


Final Words

Netflix is a great company with high-quality content, that’s why the success it has. But subscriptions may not be affordable for some countries with low income or those who don’t want to pay more than a hundred for just watching series. That is why we created this guide on how to get Netflix premium for free.

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