Everything you need to know about PUBG – How to play PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile game holds Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the fittest”. This ferocious battle game was first introduced in PC named as “PLAYER UNDERGROUND’S BATTLE GAME”. Now it is released on Android as well as iOS devices. PUBG Mobile is now making a remarkable experience in terms of mobile gaming.
Many people might have a doubt like “How to play PUBG Mobile”, “What is a safe zone, the red zone?”, “How do I invite my friend to play?”, “How to reset my appearance?” and many more. This post will clear all the doubts and let you know each and everything you need to know about PUBG MOBILE with necessary images.
Do not miss the TIPS and TRICKS written at the last, that are much more needed in order to have your tasty chicken dinner.

♠  Download PUBG Mobile

Everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile(With Images)


You can login in 3 ways:- 1. As a Guest  2. Facebook 3. Twitter

♠  How to set your appearance?

  • Initially, when you log in to the game you will be given a choice to set your appearance i.e hair, skin color etc. Later once you start the game you can reset your appearance by tapping on INVENTORY. You need to spend 3000 coins in order to reset the appearance.
  • You can equip your other shopping items which you earn by completing a mission in the Inventory. Items like sunglasses, pants, gasmask, shoes, crates etc.

♠  Missions

  • Daily Missions:- Every day you will have a certain set of missions. Missions like (a) Daily match-Join 1 match daily (b) Damage Expert-Deal 500 damage to enemies (c) Band of brothers-Rescue 1 teammate (d) Legendary archer-Kill an enemy with a headshot and many many more. Once you complete these missions you get some coins(BP) & xp for each of them.
  • Progress Missions:- In progress mission at each level you get to earn coins(BP) & xp in addition to the crates.

♠  Rank

Here you can compare your (a)Total ranking (b)Survival ranking (c)Kill ranking (d)Season ranking in PUBG in all type of squads with your friends as well as with the outside world.

♠  How to invite friends in PUBG MOBILE?

  • In the leftmost bottom corner, you can see an option “Invite Friends”, click on it. You will see the list of your Facebook or Twitter friends.
  •  You can only invite a friend if the player is IDLE. 
  • If the player is already in a match it will show “in a match for 30minutes”.
  • Once your friend accepts the request(which lasts for 5s), your friend will follow you wherever you decide to jump.

Next, to the Invite Friends option, you can see an icon wherein you can send coins(BP) or even send messages or audios.

♠  Modes in PUBG MOBILE

Classic mode:-

  • The total time duration of 30 minutes, provided you are alive throughout the game haha!
  • Total players in the cabin 100.
  • Initially, you can jump anywhere on the map without any restrictions(play zone area).

Arcade mode:-

  • The total time duration of 15 minutes.
  • Total players in the cabin 28.
  • Initially, here you need to jump in the safe zone area since the play zone will be restricted in a certain region.

♠  Players

  • Solo – Only you.
  • Duo – You & your friend.
  • Squad – You & your 3  friends.

How to play PUBG Mobile?

  • Once you start the match, there will be a countdown for 50 seconds(if classic mode) or 20 seconds(if arcade mode). All the 100 players(if classic mode) or 28 players(if arcade mode) just randomly meet before the flight takes off warming up themselves. Once the flight takes off and reaches a certain region you can jump anywhere you want. 

Tip:- Jump wherever you find houses so that you need not run and waste the time. Do not go to open the parachute at the initial stage. Let it open automatically.
Necessary types of equipment you need to carry

  1. Weapons – Initially, pick any weapon you find for defense. Later you can search and select the best.
  2. Bandages – Heals you with a little health.
  3. First Aid kit – Heals you with 70% of health.
  4. Medkit – Heals you with 100% health. But very rare.
  5. Energy drink & Painkillers – It keeps on adding health slowly till it gets empty.
  6. Scopes:- Always try to get a scope for a gun so that you can kill an enemy very far away from you. Types of scopes:- Mira dot, Holographic view, 2X scope, 4X scope, 8X scope, 12X scope.
  7.  A bag with a good capacity and an armor.
  8. Grenades:- Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade and a Stunt Grenade.

And much more war stuffs you will get in the house ex: compensator, bullets etc

♠  About Play zone, Safe zone and Red zone in PUBG MOBILE:-

Once everyone jumps from the cargo plane and settles down on the ground, the map starts restricting the play zone area in 5 minutes, i.e you have to be in the play zone area before the time ticks out.

  • In the picture shown above, the area within the white circle indicates the safe zone area and area within the blue circle indicates the unsafe zone
  • The blue circle starts converging to the white circle once the time is up (Time is given to reach the safe zone, initially – 5m, later 4m, 3m, 2m…)
  • As soon as the blue circle reaches the white circle, the countdown of time again starts and the white circle again becomes smaller, but this time a little less time will be given to the players to reach the white circle(safe or play zone area).
  • As the players die, correspondingly the safe zone goes on converging so that it becomes easy for the players to hunt an enemy.

Tip:- Try to be near the boundary of the white circle (in a house) because the enemies try to get into the white circle (safe zone) ASAP. So you can easily aim at them while they come running towards you, provided you be a sharpshooter and be hidden. 

  • In order to eliminate few players, a red zone area is started. You can see a circle completely red in the above picture, which implies that the red zone has started.
  • During this red zone, multiple numbers of bombs are being dropped. The player should either escape out of the red one or get into the house nearby to be safe. If the bomb does not drop on you even after you are on the ground then you are lucky.
  • The red zone goes off just after 10-20 seconds.

♠  How can you help your friend?

  • If your friend gets knocked out you can help him by reviving him/her. You just got to go close to him/her and revive. It takes 0.8s to revive. But if he is killed you cannot do anything about him/her.

♠  Vehicles in PUBG Mobile

  • Car:- 4 seaters. Only 3 can fire except the driver while driving.
  • Jeep:- 4 seaters. Only 3 can fire except the driver while driving.
  • Bike:- 2 and 3 seaters both are available. But nobody can fire while riding.
  • Boat:- More than 4 seaters. Except the driver rest can fire.

♠  Be Alert!

  • You can see the orange marks on the map in the above picture which means be alert!
  • The mark with legs indicates that the enemy is just around you or passing by.
  • Another mark with a bullet indicates that the enemy is either shooting you or some other enemy.

♠  PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

  • Once you are about to jump from the cargo plane, jump where the less amount of people jump provided there is a building nearby. Release the parachute if you don’t find anyone near you. Never jump in the water!
  • Do not waste your time on the sky. The time you waste swirling in the air will effect once you are on the ground when the enemy might have already looted the weapons and is ready to fire on the ground.
  • Once you are on the ground search for the weapons ASAP. Armour is also crucial as it can take few hits initially. And get all the stuff which are necessary.
  • Hit an enemy only if he/she is in your range. Hitting an enemy out of your range might not kill your target completely. But it will awaken the nearby enemy about your existence.
    • Guns like Tommy Gun, Uzi might show you the enemy out of your range once you apply Mira dot. But never go to fire.
    • Shotguns and SMGs are for up-close damage. Pistols are for mid-range. Snipers, Rifles are for long distance shots.
  • You need to learn when to hide and when to fire. This plays a very important role in PUBG Mobile.
  • Keep an eye on the map.
    • To know whether you are in the safe zone or not.
    • To know how long you have to travel to be in the safe zone. Distance and time are shown in meters and min respectively just below the map.
    • To know whether a vehicle is present near you or not( wheel mark is shown on the map)
    • To know the enemy’s existence near you ( a bullet & a leg mark).
  • If you are far from the safe zone try to search for a vehicle using the map. It is better to use wheels rather than the vehicles. Because if you go on running, you will be spotted by an enemy.
  • Communicate with your mates. Thanks to PUBG Mobile that it allows communication via audio which is very helpful.
  • An eye icon helps you to view 360º without changing your actual direction,
  • The last few minutes in PUBG Mobile is very crucial. The enemies stay low and wait for you to show up first. So it is better to stay alert and not run around continuously.

If you follow these tips & tricks and keep practicing, no one can stop you from having your chicken dinner!