Ebtedge Alternatives: Best Sites Like Ebtedge To Check Your EBT Details in 2020

What is ebtedge.com

Ebtedge helps you to find all of the information of your EBT card, whatever you need.

Like you can check your EBT card balance, can review the transaction your EBT, and lot more.

So Ebtedge is an online tool to check all of the details of your EBT card in some easy steps for free.

Okh now I think it will be clear to you that “what is Ebtedge is all about” but now the next question which blowing the mind that “what EBT card means.”

Ok, let’s discuss.

What is EBT

First, try to find what Google says

EBT means “Electronic Benefit Transfer”

here the public welfare department issue some benefit in the form of money to a card which called “EBT card” which help to purchase food products to those who comes under the poverty threshold.

Here can watch this video to understand the concept behind the EBT in detail.

Some Facts About EBT

  • The program of EBT is designed and made to helps peoples to purchase food products.
  • The program helps large no financially weak people in the united states to afford food.
  • The program is also known as SNAP which means “supplement Nutrition Assistance program.”
  • But under the EBT benefit, a beneficiary can not purchase the products like alcohol, tobacco, medicines, etc.
  • You must be under the poverty threshold to apply for EBT benefits.
  • Peoples are not allowed to sell their card. If anyone exchanges or sell their card for the money, it will be a fraud,

How To Find You Are Eligible For EBT

To find if you qualify or not for the all of the benefits of Supplement Nutrition Assistance program. You have two ways.

First: visit your nearest local SNAP office

Second: Use this tool the https://www.snap-step1.usda.gov/fns

Here is a quick step by step guide to using this online tool to find your eligibility for SNAP program.

Step 1

Visit the link, and it will be open like this, (see the image). Click on the start tool

Step 2

Now select your state or territory and click on the continue.

Step 3

Here you have to fill three boxes,

  1. How many peoples are in your household?
  2. Is any household member a seasonal or migrant farm worker?
  3. Is this household homeless or living in the shelter?

Fill all of the information and go to click on the next.

Step 4

In this step, you have to fill the information about your household members.

Step 5

Once you are done with the step 4, you have to fill some information about your assets.

So you just have to fill all of the info steps by step and once you will be done. You will get the status of your eligibility

For more help can visit any of these resources

How To Ebtedge Login/EBT Login With ebtedge.com

  • Visit ebtedge.com
  • Put your card no in the box
  • You are done, now can check your EBT Balance and other details

How To Apply For EBT To Enjoy Benefits

First, check out you are eligible or not for the  EBT benefits.

If you are eligible, you can apply by visiting your nearest local SNAP Office.

Use this link resource to find the nearest SNAP Office.


EBT Customer Service Number

Other Ways To Check Your Card Details

  • The Other ways to check the details of your EBT
  • Whenever you purchase something with your EBT card you get a receipt where you can check the available balance of your card or other details.
  • Can all this no 1-877-328-9677 to check the ebt card balance
  • You can also visit the store, there you can check the details on their swipe machine
  • Or you can access your EBT card details with ebtedge.com.

How To Protect Your EBT Cards From Fraud

Fraud with the EBT users is a most common thing and large no of peoples being fraud just because of the lack of proper information.

Here we are sharing some of the most common information which can protect you against fraud.

  1. Never share the details of your cards like pin etc. to anyone.
  2. In the case, if your card was stolen or lost just call (877) 328-9677 to the customer service
  3. Avoid the trick ATM. If you found any doubt while using the ATM like asking for the pin more than one time or any other suspicious activity, do not use that ATM.
  4. Changing pin regularly, even you can change your card pin on the regular interval.
  5. Do not use the most commonly tracked pin code, like 1234, 3214, etc.

So lets go and check out some of the best Alternatives to Ebtedge


Visit Official Website: https://www.ebt.ca.gov

This is the California website for the EBT program which helps the citizens of California to get their benefit of Supplement Nutrition.

This website is also easy to access like Ebtedge. You just have first to create a login account to continue to access the EBT cardholder details.


Visit Official Website: https://www.connectebt.com

Welcome to the New Jersey official website for the EBT members.

First, have to create an account with this link https://www.connectebt.com/njebtclient/clientcreate.recip

Once you successfully create your account, you just need your card no and pin to login.


Visit Official Website: http://www.ebtcardbalance.com

This is really a  cool website made for EBT card holder to get the details of their card.

There are also some of the best android apps to check your EBT/SNAP details. Here we are listing

Balance 4 SNAP And EBT

Install The App: Click Here

EBT Balance

Install The App: Click Here

Balance 4 EbtEdge

Install The App: Click Here

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