Canva Alternatives: Best Free Infographic Maker Tools To Avoid Photoshop

Images Graphics or Infographics get more attention of readers in comparisons to text. An attractive and informative infographic can benefit your blog in many ways.

As a reader, you tell us which one will be good to you in the following for a better reading experience.

2000 words of a quality article which is explained in detail but there is not any images and graphic.

On the other hand, you have 1000 words of content with some very informative images and beautiful graphic which contain useful information.

Undoubtedly, the second one “1000 words of content with some very informative images and beautiful graphic” will provide you better reading experience.

Is Infographic really affects users minds?

Is really infographic helps your SEO?

There is these type of some of the questions, which are not easy to answer but yes an infographic 100% affect a reader’s mind as well as help you to get quality backlinks links

What is Infographic

Infographic content two words “Info+graphics” means a graphical form of an information. Les go for a quick Google Search.

Means an Infographic is the graphic representation of any news, knowledge, information or data to make something easy to understand.

But making an Infographic is not an easy task, you need to have designing skills if you are making an infographic with the traditional tools like photoshop or illustrator.

so now the main question, is there any way to make a great infographic without any designing skill?

Yes, it is possible with the free online infographics tools & maker.

Making an infographic with these “infographics makers” are so easy. You just need some common sense, and if you some creativity too so can really make a great infographic in just a few minutes.

You just have to edit a pre-design infographic according to your need with just drag and drop feature.


Canva is the one of the popular online graphic designing tool or services which make designing easy for those who have not any kind of technical knowledge of Graphic designing tools & software.

Even the reason behind the starting of canva was to help teachers and students to succeed making graphic without having any technical knowledge.

Canva is the result of hard work of two people Melanie and Canva co-founder Cliff Obrecht who founded this online infographic tool.

The Stats of Canva is soo amazing,

    • More than 100M designs has been created by Canva
    • Has 10M+ users

How To Make Infographic With Canva

Sign Up: Just visit and sign-up for free account with a simple email ID or also can use your social media accounts.


Choose Design: Choose Design Or Click on the + sign


Choose Infographic: From the variety of design options select infographic


Choose template: Choose a pre-design template


Note: There you will find both paid and free template so only choose free.

Edit According To you: You can edit your template according to you as you want to see that.


Download: Once your infographic is complete download it to your computer or directly share on social media



Visit Official Website:

Similar to Canva, piktochart is an amazing place to create an infographic with just drag and drop feature over a  pre-designed template for free.

Piktochart offer three type of design to their users to make.

  • Infographic
  • Presentation
  • Reports & Posters

It is almost like Canva but it is limited for free users. Means as a free user of Piktochart you can use only some of the basic free infographic templates.

A premium user can access to all of the advanced and almost endless no: of infographic templates.

But the good thing is that if you have some designing skills. So can make your own custom infographic design with the blank template which you can download for free.

Piktochart works same as canva. Just go and choose your desired template to edit and at last download it for free.


Visit Official Website:

At Venngage, has large no of verity available for graphic designing. Venngage divided its all design into five main categories.

  • Infographic
  • Reports
  • Poster
  • Promotion
  • Social

Venngage has also mixed templates, free and premium like Canva.

Here is the list of its infographic category

  • Layout
  • Statistical
  • Informational
  • Process
  • Comparison
  • Timeline
  • Geographics
  • Charts
  • Tutorials


Visit Official Website:

Visme is an another amazing tool for infographic making, it is an easy to use tool for graphic making which allow making a free interactive infographic in few easy steps.

Design Offered By

  • Presentation
  • Infographics
  • Banners

You can choose any of them or can go with a custom dimension to make your own custom design.

But Visme has not so much infographic templates for the free users. It has limited no: of free templates, so you have limited source as a free user at Visme.

Benefits of using Visme

Yes, as a free user you have not such freedom to use this tool freely. But it is an amazing tool for infographic making so if you paying them to use their paid service so there will not any type of loss for you.

Privacy control over your creation. It is up to you to make your creation public or private, even you can make your creation password protected.

Visme has millions of images which can be used freely to make a great piece of art. Visme has also the great collection of icons and fonts to give a great look to your work.

Adding media like video etc is also possible with visme. You must try this feature of visme. It is really interesting.

Visit Official Website: is the one of the easiest tools for infographic making which can provide you an unexpected result. has a very unique and different design from the others, its home page totally looks like a tool.

How to edit with

Creating a masterpiece with is not complicated, is a very simple tool with easy to use features. Just choose your desired template or go with its premium version for the full access to all the templates.

After choosing temples all is just drag and drop. Nothing rocket science here to make you understood.

Visit Official Website:

Design Offered By Infogram

  • Infographic Or Report
  • Chart Or Graphs
  • Maps

Infogram is designed to make infographic & charts creation easy. This tool especially focuses on infographics.

Infogram is founded in 2012 as a data visualization company with the aim to make an online tool which could help peoples to make a data-rich graphic. The best part of the Infogram tool is, it is easy and simple to use.


Visit Official Website:

Adioma is specially designed for infographics, so with Adioma you get a fully advanced infographic tool which can help to make an attractive infographic in just a few minutes but the main thing is, it is not free.

Adioma is not a free tool like others as we mentioned before, you have a pay for its membership plan to get access over this tool.

Adioma has starter plan for $39

The best thing is, Adioma gives you 7-day money back guarantee so in case you feel any type of inconvenience with the tool so you can request for your money back.


Visit Official Website:

Mindthegraph is best for students, professors, educational or institutions. At mindthegraph has around 3000+ science illustration which makes you easy to make a science related infographic.

With a free mindthegraph account, you can only make a single creation. So it means you can only test the tool as a free member, to access the tool have to their premium member.

Visit Official Website:

Snappa is much similar to Canva, but Snappa has not that much of control like Canva for free users that is why Canva is much popular & successful.

Snappa provides following designs

  • Social Media designs: It allows you to make a custom design for your social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube which automatically fit your social media wall size.
  • Blogging And Infographic: These customs templates design will help you to make custom images for your blog.
  • Header: Header means, Facebook cover, Twitter cover etc. When we try to upload normal images on your social media cover it not fits the cover wall. But with this header tool, you can make a custom header image for your social media account.
  • Social media ads: images play important role in your social media ads, so with these social media ads templates you can make custom images to target your customers for better results.

Visit Official Website:

Creately, this infographic maker is available for desktop, mobiles or also can be accessed online like others.

Visit Official Website:

Infograph is the best Infographic maker tool with a powerful editor which allow you to make best Infographic in few minutes wits its ready to use templates.

Visit Official Website:

Want to make an awesome resume?

Want a resume which could make your resume data interesting to watch?

So visualize is best for it, to make a great resume in a minute with just drag and drop option.

Some of The Other Infographic Making Tools


Instantinfographicspresence is a easiest and very powerful tool for infographic making with its great infographic editor.

All of the instantinfographicspresence templates are highly customizable so you need to worry, so can make an infographic as you want which can deliver such a great amount of traffic & attention for your websites or business.

This infographic tool is for the students and, those businesses who want to offer jobs.

As a student, with kinzaa, you can make an infographic resume to impress while interviewing by your creativity with your resume data.

As a business, you can create a great job posting infographic to get easy hire employees.

Pictou, as its name, explain “picto+cv” that it is also a resume making infographic tool like Kinzaa to create an impressive resume design.

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