Cab Booking Apps 2021: Top Indian Taxi Booking Apps

It is tough to get a taxi or an auto in this busy world, especially in an unknown place. Even if you hire an auto, the cost may be high sometimes, and if you are hiring at night time, the fare doubles as per the driver’s demand. It is just a waste of money and time.

Also booking a car becomes quite hectic, especially when you are in an unknown place. And then starts the everlasting wait for the cab’s arrival, which was booked and later became the worthless wait. And later canceling it adds up to the extra unnecessary work in the busy schedule.

To overcome such problems, waptechs provides you with the 2 best online android cab booking apps, which will be worth booking and authentic to the customers.

 1. OLA 

  • Downloads             – 50 Million
  • Rating                     – 4.1*
  • App Size                 – 10 MB

Ola, India’s most popular online transportation company. It is one of the fastest-growing companies in terms of transportation. Its network has spread over 110 cities in India and has more than 600,000 vehicles. For the first time, Ola has crossed overseas, i.e., in Australia, and has aimed to flourish in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. The app which runs behind this is user convenient. The patron-only needs to book the cab and select the place to be dropped via the Ola app. A nearby driver comes to pick within minutes. The driver’s location is traced from when you book the cab until the end of the destination.

Safety and Security – As first comes safety, Ola cab drivers are authenticated, trained, and verified. The  Ola cab consists of a live tracking device and an emergency alert button in case of emergencies. The customer support team will be at the service 24×7 to solve any problem faced.

The Ola Fleet -It has a variety of cars to choose to start from the auto-rickshaw, cars, bikes to the luxurious SUV’s which suits every pocket. There is a wide range of cars to choose any specific car suitable for their travel needs.

Fares – Ola charges  6 rupees/km and may vary depending on the city and kilometers driven. It also varies depending on the type of cab that is booked.

Entertainment – One can play music, videos, and many other things via Ola play inside the cab. You can stay connected to the internet even though you are traveling through the poor network area by the free WiFi facility provided in the cab.

Ola Select Membership – The best part of Ola select is that there is no peak pricing, and one gets more priority, i.e., there will be a faster response and quick resolutions. The highest-rated cab driver will be at the service. If a patron having a membership pre-books the cab, he/she gets more priority.


Download Ola cabs from Google Play


  • Downloads    -100 million
  • Rating             – 4.2*
  • App Size         – 39 MB

Uber, meaning ‘above’ or ‘topmost,’ is one of the best ridesharing apps for fast and reliable rides. The main headquarters of Uber is present in San Francisco and has spread over 632 cities worldwide. The patron needs to opt for a particular ride and enter the pickup location and the destination to be reached. In few seconds, all the cab’s information and the driver’s profile and details appear on the mobile screen. Simultaneously the arrival of the cab is tracked on the map.

Uber Fleet- 

  • UberX- It is the least expensive car in the service of uber. It is a 4 seater car excluding the driver. These are generally economic sedans and not luxurious ones. These are even cheaper than the normal cabs provided to the public.
  • Uber XL- It is slightly expensive than the UberX. It is an entry to the luxurious section of the Uber fleet. It is a 5 seater car excluding the driver. These cabs are booked by people traveling in a group. These are generally Toyota, Highlander, SUV, Ford Flex, Honda Pilot, and much more.
  • Uber BLACK- It is a highly luxurious and expensive car. They provide with the latest model of cars which have been launched in the market. There are two types of Black Uber cars. Sedan consists of 5 or more passenger seats, and the SUV with 5 or more passenger seats. These cars are available in few places.


Safety and Security- Uber is dedicated to keeping people safe. Their technology enables them to focus on the rider’s safety before and after the trip. Uber has safe pickups as the driver automatically finds the patron’s location, and the patron is safe till the cab arrives. It is open to everyone, as the Uber app automatically matches the cab with the rider; hence there is no discrimination based on caste, race, etc. Once you are matched with the driver, you can see the driver’s name, license plate number, photo, and how the driver is rated by the rider based on his rides. A 24/7 customer support will always be present if there is any issue related to the cab.

Entertainment – Uber is planning to launch its own infotainment system across several cities. This tablet includes Hungama apps for music and movies, TVF apps for comic videos, and Schoop Whoop apps. The infotainment also provides the rider with mapping service, weather, and sightseeing places nearby like temples, parks, movie theatres, hotels, etc., parallelly providing the respective places’ contact details. The tablet also consists of an app through which you can check the real-time status of the flights.

Fares -Fares vary depending on the car selected, the place, and the kilometers were driven. 


Download Uber from Google Play

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