Bookzz Alternatives 2020 | Best Websites For Free Textbooks (Ebooks) Download Like Bookzz

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.”  George R.R. Martin

This quote is from George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons and explains how reading gives you an opportunity to live the life of different characters and help you to lean something new every time with every single characters or situation.

Today we all have a busy schedule of life which results as we ignore things like books etc. But the digital form of books (ebooks) give you the freedom to read at anytime or anywhere. You are not bound.

So let’s go, we are here providing here some of the best bookzz alternatives which are best websites for free textbooks, freebookspot. Ebook pdf, or even can free ebook downloads.

What is

Note: The site is now closed down was a free ebook download site to download your desired ebook for free. Bookzz .org was famous because it had a database of millions of free ebooks. works as a search engine for the ebooks download. You just have to visit their site and search your desired ebook and you are done.

Why Bookzz .org Is Down

Due to some reason, they have to close down and they have to move to new domain which is

Visit Official Website:

Are you like to read books? Or You are crazy about reading?

If your answer is yes so this Ebook directory is for you to download ebooks or ebooks pdf for free in any category. have around 90 categories for ebooks.

Here are the some of the category examples.

  • Adult Novels
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Algorithms
  • Arabic
  • Archaeology
  • Architecture
  • Art related
  • Astrology
  • Astronomy and Cosmology

Visit Official Website: is the most advanced site with a great user interface to fulfill the need of your book reading. Along with Ebooks, they have also Audiobooks for their audience.

Are you an author? If you are an author and want to promote your book so can help you in this work of yours.

How They Will Promote Your Book

They provide you three different way of promotion

Feature on homepage: Here they will feature your book on their homepage for one week for the cost of $194

Newsletter: Here they will send email recommendation to their more than 1.6 million email subscribers for $198

Highlight in category: they will highlight your book for one month in any specific category related to your book.

Visit Official Website:

There are lots of ebook site which provide free ebooks download but they all are not legal. But is a legal free Ebook downloads portal.

  • A huge database of free pdf books download
  • Plenty of categories
  • Can also submit your book for free

Visit Official Website: is the site where you can encounter both types of books free as well as paid at a great discount. They have around 33,000 genre based electronic books.

Visit Official Website: is best to get computer programing Ebooks. They have computer science related Ebooks like

  • Math
  • C++
  • Linux
  • Python
  • HTML
  • Java

Visit Official Website: is also a site for computer or tech-related books or lectures notes pdf books

  • Computer ebooks
  • Textbook
  • Lecture notes

Visit Official Website: is best to encounter Audiobooks, Ebooks and news & magazines or documents, but it is not free. They provide the only one-month free trial, then for the next month have to be their paid member. works with user-generated content, means if you have any Ebook, or have any document so can publicly share with  Scribd users on the behalf of you.

Visit Official Website:

Are you love computer programming?

If you love computer programming or student of computer science so this can help you to get computer related books

Visit Official Website: not only offer you just e-books instead, here you can also get software and screensavers.

Other Alternative For Free Ebook Downloads

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