Best Torrenting Sites List to Download Movies 2020

Best Torrenting Sites List: We all know Torrenting is the best stress buster and time relieving act by all the teenagers and all the people across the globe, the era of entertainment and infotainment have been raised its standards and making a move forwards now with all the entertainment unlimited.

We are back with this tutorial after the free movies sites list as the movie downloading and watch movies online is the favorite act of all the youngsters as the torrents contains blocked files we may refer one or the other torrent that allows the user not only for one time download you can have the copy with you as a torrent file through which one can enjoy all the movies whenever they want for free extremely.

In this post we are going to provide you the instant list of 15 torrenting free sites online and later on will provide you the best and free torrenting apps games for free and this is one of the best opportunities that we have to download and install all the best movie streaming sites and top torrenting sites list of the year 2017. Recently we shared some hindi movie download sites, after that many people were asking about some decent torrenting sites to download sports matches. So here you go:

Torrenting Sites List

As we said the above 15 are the pre list that we have provided for you to download the movies on torrentz for free daily now best 25 sites going to be listed below as the top torrenting sites updated daily for the HD movies download online and free movie sites list have been moved forward for you

Best Torrenting Sites List

1. KickAssTorrents

Torrents Quality : 5 | Torrents Rating : 5 | Site Link :

The World Favorite Most used torrents for all the movies, TV shows, software, games and many more download for all the internet users KAT (KickAssTorrents) is the very familiar and most heard name that allows HD quality movie download online for free. Kickass is the biggest and best torrenting site that provides the best PS and Xbox games PC softwares and much stuff for free along with GOT torrents updated with latest Hollywood, Bollywood movies and stood as one of the best torrenting sites.

Torrents Quality : 5 | Torrents Rating : 5 | Site Link :

The is a biggest torrent search engine more than a torrenting site comparatively because this link given above gives you the best movie download site experience as it comprises of all the biggest torrent sites links inbuilt in it so that you can download movies from one of the best of it.

Torrents Quality : 5 | Torrents Rating : 5 | Site Link :

This is the world’s largest torrenting bit torrent system network that allows the users to get their entertainment in all the torrent files with hundreds of genres and latest files uploaded all the time for free.

4.YIFY Torrents

Torrents Quality : 5 | Torrents Rating : 5 | Site Link :

The YIFY is the most known site for the Hollywood movie watchers who wouldn’t like to watch the latest movies in HD, 3D, 720p,1080p and 4k rip. You can able to search, verify and download the best quality in small possible size online in this YIFY @


Torrents Quality : 5 | Torrents Rating : 5 | Site Link : 1137x

1137 ? is it a torrenting site or any random typo error number :P. Nah Nah this is the leading and top free torrenting site that is moving on the internet on these days .. get free movies torrentz of all the languages on this torrent world for free you can have Magnet Download / Direct Download / Torrent Download 3 options in this website where you can choose according to the device and the browser that you are using .


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