[November 2020] 10 Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 to 4000 In India

Are you looking for the best gaming keyboard under 3000 Rs in India? Well, I will show you the 10 best gaming keyboards that you can buy in India 2020 and are only meant for Indian gamers for their needs and requirements.

I have mentioned the keyboards that have received excellent reviews from top Indian Gamers, and some of the keyboards in this list are tested by myself.

Be assured that any of the keyboards you buy from the list are suitable for the money you pay and the quality they deliver.

Best Gaming Keyboard Under 3000 In India

1) Ant Esports MK3000

Key Switch Type Outemu Blue
Backlighting Color 6-color preset
Keyboard Materials Steel, ABS
Programmable Buttons No
Dimensions 44.9 x 14 x 4 cm

The Ant Esports MK3000 isn’t one of the keyboards you’ll quickly find in the Indian market. This keyboard might not surprise you with the built quality, but the price you pay in terms of features is what you get the most out of this keyboard. It is a full-size keyboard with a 104 blue key switches from the orange brand.

Talking about its unique features, it is an LED-backlit keyboard on which you can change the brightness and also the rate of glowing lights. With the industry-proven design, the Ant Esports have made their choice clear, the best keyboard for entry-level gamers in India.


  • Good Build Quality
  • Very Tactile Feedback
  • Blue Switches


  • Fixed Colors, Not RGB

2) Cosmic Byte Black Eye

Key Switch Type JIXIAN Blue switches
Backlighting Color RGB Backlighting
Keyboard Materials Aluminum
Programmable Buttons No
Dimensions 48.3 x 22.1 x 6.4 cm

The Comic byte Black Eye is the right gaming keyboard under 3000 Rs in India. The switches present are from the Chinese version of cherry MX brown keys, which are not that great in terms of feels and click sound you get in CherryMX but perform a respectable job. The Cosmic byte Black eye delivers a pain-free experience to your fingers for long gaming sessions on this keyboard.

Additionally, the keyboard has a backlit panel with 13 effects and comes with three levels of brightness. It offers good tactile and silent response against that of blue switched, which is ideal for day to day usage and occasional gaming on this keyboard.
Quite Heavy


  • Aluminum Body
  • Clicky Sound
  • Decent Built Quality


  • Backlight issues
  • Quite Heavy

3) HP Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch Type Red Switches
Backlighting Color LED backlighting
Keyboard Materials Plastic
Programmable Buttons No
Dimensions 13.6 x 44.4 x 3.8 cm

With a brand like HP, you want to expect more, and this keyboard arguably is one of the best keyboards HP has ever made. The keyboard comes with Gateron switches. Personally speaking, I was quite surprised by the clicky sound it gives and overall built quality. The lighting of the keys is on point, the switches are softer than the CherryMX which most of you might like, but hey, what more do you expect from a keyboard at this price point.

The switches here are less noisy than other switches, which you see on high-end keyboards. However, overall the HP is one you can consider buying under 3000 Rs in India.
Fixed Colors


  • High-Quality Red Switches
  • Tactile typing experience
  • Less Noisy


  • Plastic Body
  • Fixed Colors

4) HAVIT HV Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch Type Rubber Dome
Backlighting Color 8 LED Modes
Keyboard Materials Metal base
Programmable Buttons Yes
Dimensions 44.4 x 14.6 x 4 cm

Honestly, I had never heard about the HAVIT brand before. While researching the best gaming keyboard under 3000, I came across this keyboard, and that’s for good. The HAVIT HV-KB380L is a backlit keyboard at the lowest price you can get in the market. The keyboard comes with 104 keys and a full-size aluminum frame, which looks perfectly suttle to the look and feel at this price point.

The keyboard comes with eight kinds of backlit modes with four levels of brightness settings, which makes this similar to other RGB keyboards in the market. Remember, it is a membrane keyboard but just as good as a mechanical keyboard.


Membrane keyboards consist of a mesh-like thin membrane when pressed on a circuit layer registers; the key is pressed. They are lighter, cheaper, and more portable than any other mechanical keyboard. Plus, they are quieter and do not give that clicky sound while typing on them.


  • Premium build quality
  • Metal Frame
  • 8 modes of backlit


  • Membrane keyboard

5) Zebronics Max Plus

Key Switch Type High End Switches
Backlighting Color Red LED
Keyboard Materials Plastic
Programmable Buttons No
Dimensions 36.4 x 15.3 x 3.7 cm

The Zebronic Max Plus is a mechanical gaming keyboard, and looks-wise has a premium look and feel to it. The Zebronics is a successor to the previous mechanical keyboard, the max. However, Max Plus offers some more added features missing from the Max like the full-sized 104 keys, and a Num pad included. So, play with the numbers here too.

The Zebronics Max Plus comes with 10 LED light modes, 11 multimedia keys, and so much more. The Max plus consists of blue switches, which are way better than any other you can find in this price range.


  • Cool RGB Lighting
  • Floating Key Design


  • Long wobbly keys
  • Inconsistent keystrokes

6) Redragon Usas Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch Type Blue Switches
Backlighting Color 10 LED Light Modes
Keyboard Materials Plastic
Programmable Buttons 11 Multimedia Keys
Dimensions 20 x 49.1 x 4.6 cm

The Redragon brand is well known for providing quality gaming peripherals at a low cost. And you know what’s coming for today, the Redragon Usas Mechanical Keyboard that comes at a low cost, and for more beating at its keys. The keyboard has a deep clicky sound too it, surely not for someone who has a sensitive roommate around.

Additionally, the keyboard has aluminum construction, high-end mechanical switches with a splash-resistant design. The downside of this keyboard is the red led light that cannot be changed, but the good thing here is that you can adjust the brightness and breathing effect of the light, which looks cool.


  • Very Sturdy
  • Clicky and tactile
  • Red LED backlit


  • Gets dusty
  • Plastic body

7) Asus Cerberus Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch Type Rubber Dome
Backlighting Color LED Backlit
Keyboard Materials SECC metal plate
Programmable Buttons 12 macro keys
Dimensions 47.1 x 18.6 x 4.1 cm

Asus Cerberus is another one of the best gaming keyboards under 3000. It has keys that are sturdy and have smooth keystrokes to it. It’s a semi-mechanical keyboard, so don’t think more on this. The keyboard comes with rubberized feet that won’t shuffle around on your gaming table and remain tacked.

However, the keyboard comes in black color, and you can choose to buy it on amazon. It has excellent tactical feedback, which is very responsive, and the backlight is bright. The only problem is if your room is not well lit, the keys light is not that bright enough to show the keys.


  • Rubber Dome switch type
  • Decent backlighting
  • Solid Build


  • Chunky Feel
  • Heavy keyboard

8) Redgear Chameleon Gaming Keyboard

Key Switch Type KAILH Blue
Backlighting Color RGB LED
Keyboard Materials Metal base
Programmable Buttons No
Dimensions 46.4 x 16.6 x 5.2 cm

The Redgear Chameleon keyboard comes with KAILH blue mechanical switches that have decent tactile feedback to them. When it comes to blue switches, in particular, they deliver better overall gaming experience. This keyboard comes with a price tag of 3000 Rs. It is one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards available in the Indian market.

The keyboard is designed for gamers and programmers with anti-ghosting features. However, it also comes with 8 RGB presents to customize your gaming setup like no other. The keyboard is available on Amazon for three color variants to choose from.


The Mechanical keyboards have distinct key-feel to them. A mechanical keyboard has spring-loaded switches in them that move up and down while pressing on them. Additionally, these springs help the key registers with a distinct click, plus this complete mechanism is weighty in itself.


  • Awesome Built Quality
  • Braided cable
  • Attractive RGB


  • Overall Design

9) Cosmic Byte CB-GK-12

If you want an excellent entry-level mechanical keyboard, this is it. The Cosmic Byte Rainbow backlit keyboard comes with a blue mechanical switch with its unique clicky sound. Perfect for gamers and typists.

Additionally, the Cosmic byte comes with neon RGB effects that are useful for the look and feel of the game. It also comes with a Backlit panel on the back, which looks beautiful to me with the rainbowish look to it, which you cannot change and doesn’t has any mods to it. Plus, I liked how it feels at night, though.

Key Switch Type Blue
Backlighting Color 10 Backlight Effects
Keyboard Materials Aluminum Body
Programmable Buttons No
Dimensions 45 x 13.5 x 3 cm


  • Anti-Ghosting
  • Aluminum Front Body
  • Jixian switches


  • Lacks Memory
  • Cable Quality

10) Ant Esports MK3400W

Key Switch Type Brown switch
Backlighting Color LED- Backlit
Keyboard Materials Plastic Body
Programmable Buttons 12 Multimedia Controls
Dimensions 44.89 x 13.99 x 3.99 cm

If I had one word for this keyboard, it would be “Beast.” The Ant Esports MK3400W comes with Led backlit, 104 keys featuring an ergonomic design just under 3000 Rs in India. Whoa! The keyboard is suitable for gamers and office use purposes as it comes with the seat-resistant design and spill-proof form.

The best is the custom brown switch design, which ultimately makes it the best and durable keyboard. It also comes with 13 kinds of LED modes hence adding to your gaming setup like other gaming keyboards.


  • Brown Switches
  • Programmable buttons
  • Compact design


  • Plastic Body
  • Comes at a decent price

Consider This Buying A Gaming Keyboard

You must know that the keyboard comes in different types, with different features, and in various sizes. However, what sets apart from a regular keyboard to a gaming keyboard are the extra features packed in their compact dimensions.

Membrane Keyboard Vs. Mechanical Keyboard

regular keyboard generally comes in a membrane-type design with a rubber dome-like structure fitted into them. While pressing a key on such a keyboard, you don’t hear that clicky sound and feel the depression of the key pressed. Regular or membrane keyboards cost substantially less than those of mechanical switches and have lower keystrokes promised from the manufacturers.

However, a mechanical keyboard is expensive and has spring inside the keys, which move based on the feedback by the user. With mechanical keyboards, you get the guarantee of 50+ million keystrokes from the manufacturers, which are quite a lot. A mechanical keyboard has a clicky sound and comes with an anti-ghosting feature that means you can press six keys or more at one point in time. It is ideal for gamers and programmers who want the real experience of smooth typing on a keyboard.


What is the best cheap gaming keyboard?

In terms of price and value, the best cheap gaming keyboard under 3000 is Redgear Chameleon. Not only is it a mechanical keyboard with blue key switches, but it also comes with RGB backlighting that you can customize to an extent. The overall built quality of Redgear Chameleon is the best at this price range.

Are gaming keyboards worth it?

Yes, the gaming keyboard will help your overall gaming experience plus add a little more punch to your gaming skills. Why? Because the anti-ghosting feature in most of the mechanical keyboards enables you to press more than six keys that significantly help you in FPS games. Plus, now they cost less than they used to in Indian markets.

How much should I spend on a gaming keyboard?

If you want an entry-level gaming keyboard in India, try to spend 3000 Rs on an excellent mechanical keyboard. If money is no problem, spending a significant 15k on a mechanical keyboard might seem a lesser amount. Whether you just want a decent gaming keyboard, put a handsome amount of 8000 INR.


Whether it’s a gaming keyboard under 3000 in India or any other regular keyboard, it’s crucial that you know what you want it for. The gaming keyboards are preferable by most programmers, gamers, and writers who wish to have the clicky sound while typing or maybe the LED lights. So while choosing a gaming keyboard, you must wisely select the switch type you prefer, RGB or backlit, or if it supports the dimension of your table and the length of the keyboard as well.

Nevertheless, if you are still confused about the right choice for your keyboards, commend down below, and I’ll surely help.

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