[Trending] 8 Best Emoji Apps For Android in 2020

Well, Who doesn’t like to chat with Emoji? Very few… Most of the people start or end their text with Emoji. Hello Guys, In this Post, I am going to share the Best Emoji Apps For Android of 2020.

Emojis don’t only help you in communicating a better way but It helps you also in Sharing your feelings or Emotions through those Emoji. 😛 It will help you in getting out of boredom while typing.

There are tons of Keyboards and Apps available right now and I am listing some Best Emoji Apps For Android below.

So, Let’s start with some cool Emoji Apps.

Best Emoji Apps For Android:

However, there are so many apps and keyboards are available which have Emoji But I have picked some good out of them and Below, I am going to share some Badass Emoji’s Apps that will remove the boredom while Chatting. 😛

Now, Let me Introduce all the Apps and Keyboards one by one. I have a bonus for you…I will be sharing the download links of

I will be sharing the download links of each app and keyboard.

1. Emoji Dom Emoticons:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

As this app is one the top, I can say, If you are looking for an excellent and Impressive app, then You must go for it. I am using it for a long time and believe me, It has decent features. This app has so many Emoji choices that will make you fall in love with them. By name, we can call it as the Kingdom of Emoji. There are more than 4000 Emoji which can be used for free. The boredom you are feeling can be kicked out by this.

With so many Emoji, There are some Emoji that can be used for Occasions also. There are more than 100 popular themes which include Christmas, Valentine Day, Halloween, Etc. In this app, There are lots of Celebrity stickers. With any smartphone version, You can Install the App through the Play store which is available for free.

2. Kika Keyboard:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

Kika Keyboard is a free emoji keyboard app that makes the Typing faster, Accurate, and fun! This Keyboard has packed with 3000+ Super Cool Emoji and Emoticons. It has GIF Pack also. This app has 20 Million users and The reason for such large users is the Kika Keyboard exciting features. The layout of this Keyboard is amazing and You can customize the Keyboard through own wallpaper also.

Download Kika Keyboard Free from the play store and Type faster, Send Funny Gif, Stickers, and Emoji to your friends and Amaze them. The key feature of this app is it has native support for Whatsapp’s Skin Tone Emoji.


The best part is this App is completely Free of Charge. Just download it through Play Store.

3. Swift Keyboard:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

This app uses Artificial Intelligence that will automatically learn your writing style and What Emoji You used or should use, It also suggests that. It is a Keyboard with an In-built plugin that suggests the best emoji for as You will write any word or phrase. It has the best feature of AutoCorrect and Predictive text. This Keyboard is one of the famous apps which has almost 250 Million Users Worldwide. You can calculate the popularity of this app.

There are a lot of Emoji which you can use occasionally. It has some special Emoji feature such as If you type Mango or Pizza, This will show the Pizza or Mango Emoji. It’s too much fun when You will get the Emoji automatically while typing.

4. Bitmoji Keyboard:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

Coming to the 4th app, This is an app with a completely different designs and features. With Bitmoji Emoji, You can use your Images and Create stickers from it. Isn’t it interesting?

This app has many cool features and one of the features from them is Using one image, You can create around 60 differently themed stickers. You can use those stickers on Social Media also.

Even, Some stickers are Paid, Still, It will be nice if you head over to the play store and give this app a try if you want to create stickers using your own Selfie. This is one of the best apps, I am sharing on Best Emoji App for Android list.

5. Imoji:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

It is an app that will surely enhance your writing with its sticker packs. Imoji is a place to create, search, and discover different emoji created by the community. Emoji improves your Texting with others. I myself have used this app and this app is quite impressive for me.

The special feature you are going to get in this app is Using your own custom pictures, You can create free Stickers. If you ever wanted to create a Sticker of Yours or Your friend, then I can say, You should go for this app. Stickers can be used anywhere.

The major drawback of this app is It is not available on the Play Store for many countries. But…

Still, You can make a Google Search of Imoji Apk and Install the apk from there at no cost…

6. Emoji CoolSymbols Keyboard:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

This app is also good if you are looking for a Keyboard with Emoji. It has over 3000+ Emoji, Stickers, Emoticons, and Smiley. It has the best design and Simple UI which makes its users use more comfortably. This app supports all kinds of Languages. It is not restricted to English only. The requirements of this app are a little higher You need Android 4.4 or above to run this app at its best.


7. Facemoji Keyboard Pro:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

With Inbuilt Easy Integration, Emoji Keyboard Pro is the best app that is fully loaded with Emoji and It gives you an offer to Customize the Keyboard with your own pictures. It contains themes that can be used in the Keyboard.

All of the Emoji is compatible with almost all messaging applications available right now.

You can use this keyboard to get Gifs also. This app is available free on the Play Store.

8. SMS Rage Faces:

Best Emoji Apps for Android

I guess You are tired of replying same messages again and again. Don’t worry…

With SMSRage Faces, You can send hilarious faces and memes which are already in this app. There are more than 2500+ Stickers available which are enough to get free from the boredom and have some fun. The best part of this app is it has all the latest memes and stickers.

It is very easy to use. You can also preview the faces before sending the memes. The app is updated daily with new stickers and memes.


So I have shared the best emoji apps for android. By using them, You will be free from the boredom and have some fun also…

Now, It’s your time to make good use of these apps.

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