(100% Working) Best 5 Bookzz Alternative Sites List 2020

Bookzz.org was a site where people could download their ebooks for free just by typing the name of the book in a search box and running the search. It was a popular online library, thanks to its database that contained several ebooks, running into millions. It operated like a search engine for downloading ebooks only. However, this site was taken down for some reason and it was moved to b-ok.org reddit, which is their new domain. So, if you were wondering where your favourite online bookstore disappeared to, then you are in luck since the new link takes you to the former bookzz.org, just under a different domain.

Alternative sites to bookzz.org

If you love reading and your joy was cut off by the going down of bookzz.org, don’t fret. There are a number sites on the web that still can satisfy your thirst to read. The following are the top sites that will offer you the same services as bookzz.org, if not better. And what’s more, they allow you to download the ebooks in accordance with the guidelines of copyrights.

Bookzz.org alternatives sites list:-

1. Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org)
There are more than 54000 ebooks that can be downloaded for free from this site. There is a variety of epub books or kindle books which you can either download into your device or read online. The most popular literature is available here, composed of old books whose copyrights have expired. Users can register for free but are asked to donate if they so wish in order to help in improving the site’s library.

2. Open Library (https://openlibrary.org)
The open library displays several ebooks on their web page. There are millions of ebooks here that you can download to your device for later reading or you can just read them online. This site also allows users to contribute by fixing typos, adding books or writing widgets. This internet archive is totally free. In part, project Open Library has been funded by the Kahle/Austin Foundation and California State Library.

3. Freebookspot (www.freebookspot.es)
This site allows you to download ebooks in whatever category you may want for free. There are about 90 categories of ebooks available on the site. Examples include Adult novels, Agriculture, Archeology, Astronomy, and Cosmology etc. This site also has a vast database of books. You can select the category you want and search for your book. You then can download it or choose to read it online.

4. Getfreeebooks (www.getfreeebooks.com)
Getfreeebooks.com is a legal portal where you can download books as you may like. The advantage of this site over others is that it is a legal platform for downloading books. The main benefits of this portal over other is that it has numerous books in its library, plenty of book categories and allows you to freely submit a book of your own.

5. Scribd (www.scribd.com)
If you love audiobooks, news, and magazines, documents or ebooks, Scribd is the best site for you. However, this site is not fully free. They offer a one month free- trial after which you’re asked to be a paid member. It also works with content generated by users. Therefore, if you have ebooks or any other documents of your own, Scribd can share it with other users on your behalf.


These are the top 5 alternative sites of bookzz that you can download your ebooks from. They have millions of books in their libraries just for you. No matter the category you’re interested in, you’ll definitely find a book for yourself.

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