Why AirPods Mic Not Working? Easily Fix In 4 Steps

Hello!! I am Maria. Today I have come with my experience when I bought Airpods a few days back, and I have faced my AirPods Mic Not Working issue, and I have resolved it. So if you are the one who is facing this problem, read the given steps below and fix it. Let us go into the article.

AirPods are a tremendous one in their style and quality, but users face specific problems with AirPods Mic Not Working, and it is solved quickly. Don’t get afraid as we Waptechs provide end-to-end information about all the current technical issues. Don’t forget to visit all our articles. 

Steps to fix AirPods Mic Not Working

Make sure to Update Bluetooth DriversSuppose while pairing our device and our AirPod Mic Not Working correctly, and you should check the Bluetooth adapter driver’s update. 

Or you can download Bluetooth Headset Helper from 2013 for all the Broadcom devices to correct this problem. 

Don’t worry if you can not do them by fixing them with tools like DriveFix to update the drivers automatically. Your whole system gets scanned by the software, and it will give you a detailed report on all outdated drivers. 

Now select those needed to be updated and select the Update option, and all required drivers get downloaded and installed automatically. 

I suggest you use DriverFix, which is so simple and fully automated driver update software that updates Bluetooth drivers so fast and you can resolve AirPods Mic Not Working

  1. Try a Bluetooth Adapter

In some other cases, the in-built Bluetooth adapter will not be able to handle AirPods. 

So the AirPod Mic not working issue will be occurring, so I have a solution to fix this problem because you should opt to buy a new Bluetooth Adapter. 

So many users have reported that they fixed this issue on Windows 10 by buying a Bluetooth adapter. Hence, I suggest you, friends, try and see the results.

  1. Make use of Microphones. 

Now you can use the headphone to activate the microphone. Just the thing you should do is keep speaking, and AirPods will pick up your voice after a second or two. 

So this will be a simple working process, and also Mac users have said that after trying this method, they found their Mic to be started working, and AirPods Mic Not Working is solved.

  1. Give a check to Firmware.

I agree with checking the firmware version, and for me, the 3A283 version caused problems one time, and I have updated the performance to the latest. After that, it has started working.

No trial; if you don’t have the newest Firmware, you can update it and check the question if the situation had been solved. 

So again, after editing, the same problem arises to contact the Apple-certified repair centre. You can get a solution for the AirPods Mic Not Working. 

Problems faced by the Customers who used Apple AirPods

Even if the loom from outside seems beautiful, they are precisely not considered for reality, and I will discuss some of the major problems that occurred and some issues that customers faced. So it will help you in a better way.

  • Some say that calling their AirPods Mic Not Working. For example, while talking over the phone, the other person can’t hear us due to the Mic’s faint Or working in PUBG
  • Both of the AirPods consist of microphones and can be used in either way. The AirPods microphones will be located at the deepest of most of the pods.
  • The next set of issues that some users reported It t is hearing sluggishness while ongoing calls. It will be a very widespread problem for most of the Bluetooth equipment. So as these microphones are wireless, some form of clashes occur due to wireless interference, and they have no technical fault occurring them.
  • Other customers report the problem that arises in AirPods Mic. It happens when we Sometimes, the problem occurs when connecting with a mobile device or tablet. So if that is the case of pairing with the AirPods, we can do several things to click.
  • One such technique is to try plugging them in charge for at least a few seconds and then take them out again and try to use them. 
  • The additional trick that you can try is turning the Bluetooth on your phone off and then again. So 90% of it solves the issue and connects the AirPods to your phone.
  • In the case when nothing works, you can try resetting your AirPods completely. It has solved most users’ problems, and again, if it doesn’t respond, it probably means that the problem is more significant and might need some diagnosis and should take them to be fixed.
  • This pairing difficulty will also occur due to connecting the pods to the computer. For new users, this is not a big problem, but it can be an issue for older devices.

Issues that cause AirPods Mic Not Working

Volume increasing or decreasing issue

The volume adjustment issue is generally caused by the AirPods feature of making an automatic decision on what microphone to use simultaneously and requires only one microphone. It delays the volume low, and the audience will not be able to hear.


I hope I have given you some beneficial information regarding AirPods Not Working. Don’t forget to thank us for this informative article.



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