7 Characteristics of A Successful Entrepreneur: Business Lessons From Donald Trump

There maybe thousands of books online that talks about tactics of a successful business. But success in business is only a product of a dream, but a mixture of hard work and characteristics. Characteristics or qualities of an entrepreneur determine the future of any business. Entrepreneur like Donald Trump became successful in business because of his qualities. In this post, I will talk about business lessons from a successful entrepreneur, Donald Trump.

Be a good negotiator

If you can remember in my last post, I mentioned that business is about communication. Good communicator will most likely succeed in business.
A good negotiator according to Donald Trump is not learned, but is born. It’s an inherent skill that is embedded in one’s genes. This maybe the reason why negotiation skill is very hard to acquire. Only few people can close elusive deals. Failed entrepreneurs maybe lacking of this skill.

Being Trustworthy

Being honest to deals made is extremely important according for Trump. The reason being is, if you are not honest and worthy of other people’s trust, making future deals can be so hard for you.
Honesty in business is also an investment. You have to build reputation, and good reputation is built from previous feed backs.
As an entrepreneur, you have to be very honest to your clients as you can. Business is a type of relationship. The bigger the circle, the better your opportunity to win. Build a good one.

Stand up for yourself

In order to succeed, Donald Trump emphasizes the important of being strong. You’ve got to stand up, otherwise no one will help you. Sometimes, the only person who can help you, is you. Emotional strength is vital in business world. You need to be strong to succeed. If not, then business might not be for you.

Know what you’re up against

Know your competitors. According to Donald Trump, if you don’t know who or what you’re up against, you gonna lose big.

Believe in yourself

One of the golden rules of success is self-belief. If you don’t believe in yourself, there’s no reason for you to dream success. Believing in yourself helps you to succeed in whatever you do. This is true in all undertakings. Believe that you can, and you will.

Think big

Dream big and follow it. The bigger you dream, the farther you could go.


Passion will fuel you to hurdle hindrances. It will be hard to accomplish things you don’t love. Passion makes you persevere even in times when success is seemingly impossible.


Success is a combination of work and character. When these two work together, desirable outcome there maybe. Character therefore determines success either in business or in life in general.

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