7 Best Instagram Accounts for Financial Inspiration

Typically, when we discuss social media networks, it’s either in regard to marketing or our businesses, engaging with our target markets or some other business-related use. Instagram, while proving very effective for marketing in most situations, serves as a source of something every individual can never have enough of — Inspiration.
In this article, I recommend 7 Best Instagram Accounts for Financial Inspiration to follow and learn from in no particular order.
With over 500 million active users, Instagram is definitely one of the most popular and highly engaging social networks. Chances are you might already have an account and follow your favorite stars and friends to get a sneak peek into their life. If you don’t have an account yet, sign up now for FREE.

7 Best Instagram Accounts for Financial Inspiration

1.Zig Ziglar

Quotes are so inspiring and can instantly boost our mood. If you’re a fan of motivational quotes like me, then you have to check out Zig Ziglar’s (@thezigziglar) Instagram profile. It is a constant source of new quotes that I haven’t seen before and old classics, like the one below that still provide inspiration every single time I read them.
You will see a steady flow of motivational and inspirational quotes that can help inspire you along your journey towards financial freedom. They also motivate you to reach your entrepreneurial goals. While these motivational quotes can provide personal inspiration, don’t keep them to yourself — share them with your team and inspire them as well. And by sharing, you make your work environment more productive.
Follow Zig Ziglar (@thezigziglar) on Instagram

2. Timothy Sykes

Sykes (@timothysykes), a penny stock expert who turned $12,415 into more than $4.2 million in a record time. He now teaches his strategies and techniques to students all over the world while travelling. He is also a contributor at Entrepreneur.com and has one of the best instagram accounts for financial inspiration.
A great example of someone living the dream, Sykes takes his travel pictures around the world. He focused on his strengths and his passion — trading penny stocks — and turned it into a successful and lucrative business which is allowing him to travel, teach and inspire people all over the world. Look at Sykes pictures and know that you can have the same, if not more if you apply yourself and aren’t afraid of consistent hard work.
Follow Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes) on Instagram

3. Entrepreneur

You might already be a frequent reader at Entrepreneur.com, and follow Entrepreneur on Twitter– why not also follow the number-one source of entrepreneurial insight’s Instagram account (@entrepreneur) as well?
Along with great quotes, motivational and inspiring images, this account also features behind-the-scenes images and video clips of some of the most successful and brilliant entrepreneurs while in the company’s office for interviews. Expect some interactive contests as well, like May’s Photo-a-Day Challenge. Entrepreneur’s Instagram account is sure to give you good vibes and inspire you to reach your financial goals everyday.
Follow Entrepreneur (@entrepreneur) on Instagram

4. Richard Branson

A living inspiration for many entrepreneurs and self-starters, Richard Branson (@richardbranson) is a person full of life and zeal, who every entrepreneur looks up to. Constantly innovating and taking risks, he has grown into a billionaire and is one of the richest persons to live on this earth.
He is a man of constant innovation, high profile and always having fun. He updates his Instagram profile (@richardbranson) with a healthy mix of personal travels and adventure, motivational quotes as well as business related activities. One of my favorite quotes where his high energy summed up is “To stand still today is to go backwards — and quickly.”
Follow Richard Branson (@richardbranson) on Instagram

5. MoneyWolf

Yes, with the intention of empowering people to achieve Financial Freedom, MoneyWolf (@moneywolforg)is on Instagram as well along with FacebookPinterest and Google+ considering its potential to reach more number of people.
You will see a steady flow of motivational and inspirational quotes, blog articles, that can help inspire you along your journey towards financial freedom. You will also find tips and hacks to earn and save your money. MoneyWolf’s (@moneywolforg) Instagram account is one of the best Instagram accounts for Financial Inspiration. If you follow the posts and videos regularly, you are well on your way to reach your financial goals, achieve financial freedom and live the luxurious life of your dreams.
Follow MoneyWolf (@moneywolforg) on Instagram

6. Foundr

Foundr (@foundr), a magazine for young entrepreneurs is one of my personal favorites on Instagram. I personally admire their work on the blog and webinars. I also listen to their podcasts and everytime I listen, there is something new to learn from them.
You will not only see a steady flow of images with quotes but if you want to dominate Instagram and increase your followers base, then you should follow this account. Even their freebies has so much value to offer if you’re new to Instagram. One of the best instagram accounts for Financial Inspiration, Foundr has grown enormously to over 890k+ followers on Instagram within just few months.
If you want to learn their secrets and strategies, you can grab the FREE Instagram Guide.
Follow Foundr (@foundr) on Instagram

7. Brian Tracy

An Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author & Success Expert, Brian Tracy (@thebriantracy)is no less than a miracle man. Brian Tracy always has great lessons on success and is one of the best Instagram accounts for Financial Inspiration.
Brain Tracy (@thebriantracy), one of the original business thought leaders who learned how to monetize his knowledge through books, speaking, and media. If you want to learn about Finance, Personality Development and Business from one of the best sources, then you should follow Brian Tracy on Instagram and also check out his blog, BrianTracy.com
Follow Brian Tracy (@thebriantracy) on Instagram
Being able to peek into the daily lives of successful individuals through images and 60-second video clips can fuel you with inspiration and give you that extra motivation when you feel exhausted or frustrated.
How many of these financially inspiring Instagram accounts do you follow? Did I miss out on any other inspiring accounts? Do you follow any other accounts than these? Don’t keep them to yourself. Share your favorites in the comments below!
Good Luck!
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