6 Business Ideas You Never Thought Can Make You Millions

You might probably want to start your own business but not sure about “whats and hows”. So far, these are your road blocks. First and the most important thing prior establishing a business is a business idea. Idea is sometimes the most difficult to figure out. You often confused and not sure what business you want to start with and how to do it. Fortunately, starting a business does not always cost you considerable amount of money. All you need is a good and feasible idea. To help you figure out a profitable business, here are some suggestions that you can consider before putting a business. These ideas are often neglected because they are so simple. Yet, only few people know that these business can make millions.

Ice Candy Business

Who would have thought that selling Ice Candy can make you a millionaire? No one, probably. But the truth speaks an important message; that achieving financial success does not require you big capital. Ice candy is so easy, so quick to make and very profitable. A couple from the Philippines have proven the profitability of this business. Not only it is easy to make, but also very cheap to start. No extensive experience needed. The only thing that you should consider though is the discriminating taste buds of your customers. But once you satisfy them, you have good and profitable business.
To start making ice candy for your business, the following are the materials you need to have.
Wrapper – the size of the wrapper depends on you. You determine how big and how small your ice candy will be.
Funnel – this will help you pour the liquid you created for ice candy without having it spilled.
Measuring cup – this is important to have equal quantity of liquid you poured in the wrapper.
Refrigerator – this is where the making process of your product ends. Put them in the ref for a couple of hours to harden. That’s it, you have your ice candy. You can start selling.
These are basic required materials to start making your ice candy. You can use your common kitchen utensils in case you lack some materials during the process. In terms of flavor, you can have different flavors as you wish. Really, your imagination and creativity are the limits.

Ice Cream business

Like ice candy, Ice cream business is unbelievably profitable. Like ice candy, ice cream is so easy to make and easy to sell. Who don’t want ice cream? Well, except during freezing season.
There are steps to make ice cream but I will not dive into it right now. This article aims only to introduce brilliant business ideas that you can start with. But if you want to learn the step by step process of making your own ice cream, you can follow this link.

The equipment you need to make ice cream are:

  • ice cream maker with a freezer gel canister.
  • large pot
  • wooden or plastic spatula

Ice cream is easy to produce and incredibly profitable. Ice candy and ice cream are best salable goods during summer. It’s kind of seasonal demand. This is the only little drawback of having these businesses. But don’t worry, rainy season does not always mean that people don’t want to eat ice candy and ice cream. You can have a seemingly non stop money generating business.

Make money from trash

Who would have thought that there’s money in the trash can? Doing business without actually needing a capital is selling trash. Well, this sounds dirty. Literally? Yes. But don’t underestimate the amount of money and the kind of business you can generate out of establishing Junk shop business.
Making money out of junks is often forgotten because it is dirty and no one knows that there’s money in the trash.
You can start your junk shop business even without capital. Start collecting trash like empty bottles of water, pieces of metals and merchandise wrappers and sell them. You can start making money instantly. But if you have some extra cash, you can buy junks from people who collect them.
Materials needed:
Accessible place – you need an spacious place for your junk shop business. A place that is away from neighborhood if you can. Just to consider the health of other people. Remember, you will store junk materials that may contain rust and undesirable odor.
Other than a place, you also need to secure permit from your local government.


Recycling business is also an alternative business to consider. This is timely because governments around the world are now having advocacy to save the environment through producing waste less. In Recycling business you may have two important and vital benefits; money producing business and environmental benefit.
There are important things you need to consider to start a recycling business. Just follow this link.

Pastry business

You might be good at baking. If so, then you can start making business out of your skill. Pastries are good business without having your own bakery. You can bake at home. Some people are making good amount of income without leaving home. There are good businesses you can do at home. One of them making Pastry.
As mentioned, you don’t have to have your own bakery to sell your pastry. You can go with consignment. Consignment is a business strategy that allows you to place your products in stores for free. Business establishment owners have the place but often times have no own products to sell. So they accept products from people to sell and earn money depending on the additional amount they put on each product. For example, if you sell your cupcakes at $ 1 per slice, that same cupcake will be priced $1.5 after a consignee adds amount on it. This is just an illustration though on how consignment is done. The good thing is, you have a better chance of getting high sales because those stores are already established.
Aside from this, you can also sell your cupcakes online. You must not underestimate the power of the internet. Millions of dollars earned everyday on the internet. Today, there are free online platforms for your business. You can literally build your own store in just a minute. Go to Shopify and build your own store. This free platform that welcomes all kinds of business and all kinds of products. Having your store on shopify allows you market your product to a wider clientele.

Earn money through writing

Sometimes a product is not always physical. What I mean is that, your talent is your greatest wealth that you might not aware of. One of the skills that in demand in the online world today is Writing. Writing can be of any form. But the one that I’m going to talk here is writing through a blog or electronic books that are salable on online stores.
Blogging is a powerful medium to gain financial success. However, this business needs a lot of work, consistency and determination. You cannot expect to get rich quick here. There’s a lot of pain here. But if you are that determine, you can succeed.
Writing books for amazon is also an amazing opportunity to earn money. The good thing about electronic products is that, they are very easy to sell. Once you’ve created and put them on amazon, that’s it. No more work needed on your part. Money can start flowing in your account.


Business ideas are very lucrative. It is hard to form at first. But once your mind becomes accustomed of formulating ideas, everything becomes easier.
In deciding your own business to pursue, just look around you. There are lots of opportunities out there that most people don’t see because their eyes are not trained to do so.
Starting a business does not always need financial capital. All you need is a brilliant mind. You can start a business without capital. You just need to constantly find ways to do business.

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