5 Tips For How To Be A Successful Blogger

So you’ve started your blog and have already started creating a few posts.
But the one issue is, you’re not seeing any traffic coming to your site. Your posts are engaging, you are promoting your site, you have social media accounts, but you still aren’t getting the kind of traffic you deserve.
So what does it take to learn how to be a successful blogger?
Building a successful blog takes time. The best thing to do is try not to get discouraged, and keep creating helpful blog posts.
There are a number of factors that will take some time to develop into traffic for your blog. Social media takes a while to grow a good number of followers. Search engines take a while to discover your site and rank it high enough to get a decent amount of traffic.
This being said, there are some things you should be doing to help boost your success as a blogger. Here is a list of 7 tips for how to be a successful blogger.
Let’s start.

1. Create Great Content

This is a must. Your blog content is arguably the most important aspect of your blog.
Quality content will help you attract more visitors, will help fuel you social media campaigns, will help you attract links to your page, and is crucial for SEO (search engine optimization).
Without good content, you most likely won’t have as much success with your blog promotion campaigns.
Create high-quality, helpful articles that are filled with relevant information and sources. Link out to other blogs and websites to help your readers get a better understanding.
Take the time to learn how to write a blog post. Structure your blog posts with and properly use HTML header tags for both your readers and search engines.
Creating great content is one of the most important factors for becoming a successful blogger, so spend the time creating quality posts.

2. Develop A Schedule and Organize Your Time

To set yourself up to be a successful blogger, develop a schedule and organize your time.
Set aside specific time for writing blog posts, promoting your blog, and outreach.
In general, it is good to aim to post 2-3 times a week. This way you can spend the proper amount of time creating good content a proper length.
Posting regularly on your blog is also important. One study showed that companies got almost 3.5X more traffic when they posted 16 or more posts each month compared to companies that published only 0-4.
Trying to post too much or not posting enough can be detrimental to your success as a blogger. If you don’t organize your time and post too much, you might not spend enough time promoting your blog and on outreach.
On the other hand, if you are posting too little, you many not enough be producing enough content to fuel your site and keep readers interested. Content can be the main part of your newsletter, social media, and getting traffic from search engines.
Producing regular content also has SEO benefits. Search engines like fresh content. Also, having more posts on your site can add value to your blog.
Managing your time and making time for all the important aspects of blogging will help contribute to becoming a successful blogger.

3. Build a Community and Make Connections

A big part of blogging is connecting with other blogs and getting engaged in the community.
By doing this, you can open up opportunities for you own blog such as exposure, guest post opportunities, and link opportunities.
Here are some ways you can connect with others

  • Comment on other blogs: Commenting on other blogs will both bring traffic to your site and can make you known to other bloggers.
  • Directly message: You can directly message other bloggers for their opinion. This works better if you have an existing relationship
  • Interact on social media: You can start a relationship by following, mentioning, and talking on social media. Just be sure to do this the right way and not overdo it. Building a relationship can take time

Once you have built a relationship, other opportunities can open up. You might get guest post opportunities, mentions, retweets from influencers, and links to your content.
Connecting with other bloggers can be a good way to give your blog a head start while growing your own blogging knowledge. Other bloggers will potentially help you become a successful blogger, even more so if you have developed a good relationship.

4. Promote Your Best Blog Posts

Another important thing you should be doing is finding out which pages and posts are performing the best and promoting them more.
Building upon what is working for your blog will help you maximize your potential.
Look at which posts are getting the most views, the most shares, and the most links back to them. Once you know which ones are the top performers, target them for your promotion and outreach.
Here are some things you can do with your best posts:

  • Social media snippets: Create 20 or so snippets to use on social media and post multiple times.
  • Outreach: Connect with other bloggers and say that you’d appreciate their opinion about your post. If they end up liking it, you may get it mentioned and broadcasted to their followers, or may get a link back to your blog. If you have a relationship with a blogger, or if you mention them in a post this provides an entry point so you are not sending out a cold call.
  • Include in email: Include a link to you latest or best posts in your email signature. This way, you can boost the reach of your blog and also promote your best posts with every email you send out.
  • Advertise: You might choose to use social media and sponsor your best posts to increase your traffic.

Knowing which posts attract the most visitors will help you boost your success as a blogger.

5. Make Use Of Blog Tools

There are many tools and resources out there that will let you add features to your blog and have the potential boost your success.
One of the most import things you want to start right at the beginning is an email list. Building an email list can help you boost your traffic and also lessens your dependence on other means of traffic like search engines.
For example, if suddenly you stop ranking in search engines for whatever reason and you have an email list, you will have a traffic source to fall back on while you work on getting your rankings back.
If you didn’t have any other form of traffic like an email list, you might experience a larger traffic loss.
Here are two tools for creating and managing an email list. They both do basically the same thing, the choice is yours based on which one fits your budget/needs.

You also want to make sure you are using the best WordPress plugins to help you. Plugins can help take care of SEO for you, increase your social shares by adding social share buttons, speed up your blog and more.
For more useful blog tools, see this list:


A blog takes some time to develop and most likely won’t get a huge amount of traffic right from the beginning.
The most important thing is to know how to be a successful blogger and continue building your blog. With the right ingredients in place, you can build a blog that will eventually get more traffic and be successful.
By following these essential tips, you can help your blog reach success.
Always focus on creating great content for your readers. Useful content has the potential to get more traffic, more shares, comments, likes, and links. If you contribute insightful, helpful information to the community, chances are you will attract people who want to read your blog.
Create a schedule and organize your blogging to get the most out of your time. Find out what works best and build a community. Get your blog out there and interact with others. A major part of blogging is connecting with other blogs.
There are many blog tools and resources that can add to your site. See which ones you need most and use them to increase your success.
Building a successful blog and becoming a successful blogger can take time. With enough dedication and effort, and by using the correct methods, it is possible to become a successful blogger.